How to Calculate Your GPA for FEDPONAM 2024 – With Tables

Federal Poly Kaura Namoda GPA (Gross Point Average) calculation has become a norm amongst students in the polytechnic. Securing a good grade and ensuring you are on course with your desired grade require you always calculate your GP. Gaining admission into Federal Polytechnic Kaura Namoda is a big deal and you can consider yourself worthy of the admission knowing you have crossed a big hurdle but this is when the real fight for a good GPA starts.

At this point, you begin to attend classes, write assignments and prepare for your exam. Students who are focused, already begin to learn how to calculate their GPA to try and be on upper credit. Most students in FEDPONAM want to calculate their GPA based on their results but don’t know how to do so.

In this post, I will be guiding you on how to calculate your GP in Federal Polytechnic Kaura Namoda because this is as important as anything you are doing in other to ensure that you come out with good grades. Being able to calculate your GP helps you determine your position each semester and how close you are to achieving your set objective for being in an academic institution of learning. So, in this article, we are going to give a breakdown of how you can calculate your GPA in FEDPONAM

How to Calculate Your GPA for FEDPONAM [year] - With Tables 1

How to Calculate Your GPA In FEDPONAM

So here is the range/value of each letter grade at FEDPONAM prior to the benchmark.

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The Old Grading System Table

Percentage ScoreLetter GradePointsRating/Remark
70 – 100A5Excellent
60 – 69B4Very Good
50 – 59C3Good
45 – 49D2Fair
*40 – 44E1Pass
0 – 30F0Fail

The pass score/mark has been extended in accordance with the new NBTE standard “E.” The letter “E” is considered to be “Fail”.

Here’s the new system: a student’s work at the polytechnic is currently rated in the letters below, with each letter carrying an equal number of points, as follows:

Table of the New Scoring System

Percentage ScoresLetter GradesPointsRating/Remark
70 – 100A5Excellent
60 – 69B4Very Good
50 – 59C3Good
*45 – 49D2Pass
0 – 44F0Fail

In FEDPONAM, the least acceptable pass score is 45% (percent). As a result, a ‘D’ will be the minimum passing mark for all courses, including electives and General Studies. All examples below, however, will be based on the most recent update (benchmark).

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The above grading method is used to calculate a student’s grade point average at the conclusion of each semester. Assume that in his or her first semester, the student offers the following courses:

Course codeTitle of CourseCredit Unit
GSP 100The Use of English I2
GSP 111Use of Library2
GSP 105Natural Science I2
GSP 201Social Sciences I2
COS 101Introduction to Computer Science2
STA 131Inference I2
MTH 221Real Analysis I3
                                     Total Credit Units15
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Now let’s assume your grades are C, A, D, A, D, B, and C in each of the courses, which is equal to 3, 5, 2, 5, 2, 4, and accordingly. Using the new grading scale, each course’s total point will be calculated as follows:

Total Point of a Course = credit unit of the course multiplied by the grade point matching to the letter grade of the course in question, i.e. Total Point of a Course = credit unit of the course multiplied by the grade point relating to the letter grade of the course in question Grade point for the course, then repeat for all subsequent courses in the same manner:

Table for Calculating GPA for First Semester at FEDPONAM

Course CodeCredit UnitLetter GradePoints GradeCredit x PointsTotal Points
GSP 1002C32 x 36
GSP 1112A52 x 510
GSP 1052D22 x 24
GSP 2012A52 x 510
COS 1012D22 x 24
STA 1312B42 x 48
MTH 2213C33 x 39
Total Points51

The entire point, 51, is then divided by the total number of credit units (15) to produce the grade point average. Noting that there is no space for approximation in the computation of GPA, the following formula is used: First Semester GPA = Total points/Total Credit Units = 51/15 = 3.4.

Calculation of Your GPA for Second Semester at FEDPONAM

Assume that in the second semester, the student takes the following courses:

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Course codeTitle of CourseCredit Unit
CHH 112Basic Principles of Physical Chemistry2
GSP 208Humanities II2
GSP 106Natural Science II2
GSP 202Social Sciences II2
BIO 152General Biology II3
PHY 196Practical Physical III2
GLG 142Earth’s History3
                                        Total Credit Units16

And the student receives the following grades in the courses: A, A, C, F, D, D, and B. The second semester GPA of the student will then be displayed in the table below.

Course CodeCredit UnitLetter GradePoints GradeCredit x PointsTotal Points
CHH 1122A52 x 510
GSP 2082A52 x 510
GSP 1062C32 x 36
GSP 2022F02 x 00
BIO 1523D23 x 26
PHY 1962D22 x 24
GLG 1423B43 x 412
Total Points48

GPA for the second semester = The Total points/Total Credit Courses = 48/16 = 3.0 = 3.0

Remember that we don’t use an approximation when calculating GPA.

Federal Poly Kaura Namoda GP calculation is not different from methods used by other polytechnics so this method of GP calculation is applicable in other schools.

I hope this is well understood? Please feel free to reach out to me via the comment section below and I will be happy to assist.