How To Calculate UNIZIK Aggregate Score 2024/2025 Session

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Nnamdi Azikiwe University widely regarded as UNIZIK is one of the best universities in Nigeria and one of the most popular federal universities located in the south-east of the country. The university just like many other federal universities receives tens of thousands of applications every year and just like many other federal universities, only about 15% to 20% of these candidates will gain admission.

This is why it’s quite important for every candidate to know how to calculate UNIZIK aggregate score to check if he/she was able to meet the departmental cut off mark. UNIZIK will only consider candidates who are able to meet the departmental cut off mark for admission, however, some candidates who are unable to meet the cut off mark for their preferred course will be pushed to other departments.

It is best to avoid this by knowing beforehand the departmental cut off mark to ensure you meet the target.

Another note of warning is that you might score up to the required JAMB cut off mark and post UTME score and still not gain admission. This rarely happens though but when it does, the most probable cause is when there are too many candidates for a course with lesser admission slot hence only the best candidates will be selected so take note.

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How to Calculate UNIZIK Aggregate Score 2024/2025 Session

UNIZIK’s formula for calculating the aggregate Score is quite different from other universities. While other universities round off points to 100%, UNIZIK rounds off points of candidates to 400%.

To calculate your aggregate cut off mark, is quite easy as UNIZIK’s formula is simple.

Note: Before going ahead with the calculation process, it is important to know that while UNIZIK has different cut off marks for its departments, candidates who score below 50% in their Post UME will not be considered for admission no matter how well they perform in JAMB. This is true for departments under the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences. You will also be required to reach the JAMB cut off mark of 200 before being considered for admission.

To calculate you would need to know your JAMB score and your Post UME score. While JAMB gives a total of 400 marks, UNIZIK Post UME only awards 100 marks. Once you have gotten the scores handy you can proceed with the calculation.

To calculate your UNIZIK aggregate Score,

Simply multiply your UNIZIK Post UME score by 4

Add up the result with your JAMB score.

Then divide it by 2 to get your aggregate cut off mark.


JAMB = 400%

Post UME = 100%

(JAMB + Post UME x 4) / 2 = 400%


To better understand the calculation process, you can take at a look at the example below. Assuming a candidate named Mr. Zik has a score of 240 in his JAMB and 60 in his Post UME. His UNIZIK aggregate cut off mark could be;

JAMB = 240

Post UME = 60 x 4 = 480

(240 + 240) / 2 = 240

Total = 240

Therefore, Mr. Zik’s aggregate cut off mark is 240

UNIZIK Departmental Cut Off Mark

Your aggregate cut off mark will determine if you meet up with the departmental cut off mark of your preferred course and thus determine your chances of admission. UNIZIK releases a different departmental cut off mark and admission criteria every year which every candidate must meet before being considered for admission.

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It is important for every student to know the departmental cut off mark beforehand to ensure that they plan ahead and score higher points which will increase their chances of gaining admission.

The candidate in the example, Mr. Zik will be unable to get admitted to study a course like Medicine and Surgery in UNIZIK because the department cut off mark is higher than his aggregate cut off mark. Instead, he will be pushed to other departments.

Below is UNIZIK Departmental Cut Off Mark

Med Laboratory Science      259

Med Rehab     248.5

Radiography  262.5

Medicine and Surgery          293

Pharmacy       282

Nursing          272.5

Anatomy         237.5

Physiology     222.5

Law     254

Accountancy  240

Banking and Finance            221

Business Administration      235

Cooperative Economics        236

Marketing       203.5

Public Administration           230.5

Political Science         240

Psychology     239

Mass Communication           245.5

Sociology        233

Economics      252.5

Computer Science     227

Geology          230.5

Mathematics  173.5

Pure and Industrial Chemistry        171

Physics and Industrial Physics        40 in post UTME

Applied Biochemistry           218

Applied Microbiology           213.5

Physics and Industrial Physics        170

Statistics         171

Chemical Engineer    250.5

Civil Engineering       245

Elect Engineering      243.5

Electronic/Computer Engineering 251

Industrial Production Engineering 210.5

Mechanical Engineer             243

Material and Metallurgical Engineering     209

Polymer Engineering            203.5

Architecture   228

Building          172

Environmental Management           174

Estate Management  194.5

Fine and Applied Arts           176.5

Quantity Survey         175

Adult education         209.5

Economics education            234

Political Science Education   213.5

Education Management        206.5

Education Foundation          201.5

Computer Education             194.5

Vocation Education               196

Technical Education             176

Early Childhood Education  170

Guidance and Counseling     205.5

Library Science         218

Science Education     203.5

Science Education With Biology      210

Education Chemistry 214

Physics Education     171.5

Physical and Health Education        40% in Post UTME

Integrate Education  203.5

Mathematics Education        171.5

Igbo Education          178

English Education     220

French Education      171

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English            235.5

Music  191.5

Igbo    184.5

Chinese           40% in Post UTME

History           233.5

Linguistics      217

French and Modern Euro Language          192.5

Philosophy     217

Religion          212.5

Theatre Arts  229.5

Agriculture     193.5

Agricultural Ecology and Extension            195.5

Food science  200

Forestry         187.5

Botany            190.5

Parasitology   185

Zoology          194

Agriculture and Bio-resources           172.5

Before applying to study any course in UNIZIK, it is important you know the departmental cut off mark to help you get prepared. This is because other candidates applying to study the same course in the university would be doing so and planning to get an aggregate cut off mark higher than the departmental cut off mark.

UNIZIK is one of the most competitive universities in Nigeria and most candidates find themselves losing their chances of admission even though they were able to meet the departmental cut off mark. It is best to score higher than the departmental cut off mark to completely seal admission and ensure you wouldn’t be pushed to other departments.

That concludes the article on how to calculate UNIZIK aggregate score. With the information above you can now know your chances of being admitted to study your preferred course in UNIZIK.

Do you now understand what it takes to calculate your aggregate score? Please be informed that we are still open to questions as regards how to calculate UNIZIK aggregate score or cut off mark for 2024/2025 academic session via our comment section below or through our contact us page and we shall respond accordingly.

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