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How To Calculate ABSU Aggregate Cut Off Mark For 2021/2022 Session

If you are looking for accurate information as to how to calculate Abia State University aggregate score or aggregate cut off mark, then you are on the right page.

The aggregate cut off mark is the total score a candidate has after combining JAMB and Post UTME scores. For some universities, you would have to combine more than just JAMB and Post UTME but your O’Level grades as well.

Knowing your aggregate score is very important as thHow To Calculate ABSU Aggregate Cut Off Mark For 2021/2022 Session 1is will determine if you are eligible for admission into the university. Your aggregate score should meet up with the departmental cut off mark of the course you wish to study before you will be allowed to study that course in ABSU.

How To Calculate ABSU Aggregate Score

It is very easy to calculate ABSU aggregate cut off mark as the university uses a formula similar to that of most universities. To calculate Abia State University cut off marks for 2021/2022, it is simple. Simply multiply by your post jamb score by your JAMB score and divide by two (2) in order to get your aggregate score. Then compare to the cut off mark of the department/course you are applying for to determine if you are eligible for admission.

Illustration 1:

If a candidate scores 250 in JAMB, and the candidate’s post UTME screening score is 250 the calculation would be = 250 + 250 = 500/2= 255. Therefore your score is 250 then compare it with the departmental cut off mark of your registered course of study to get your aggregate score

However, if you are able to perform really well in your Post UTME and JAMB you would find yourself having a really high aggregate score because ABSU prioritizes its both UTME and post UTME scores.

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Why is it Important to Calculate The Aggregate Score

It is important that you know how to calculate your aggregate score as this will determine whether or not you are eligible for admission. This is because your aggregate score will be compared with the departmental cut off mark of the course you wish to study. If you are unable to meet up with the departmental cut off mark you will not be considered for admission or pushed to other departments with lower cut off marks.

To ensure you get admitted to study the course of your choice, you would have to reach or surpass the departmental cut off mark. However, it is advisable you surpass the departmental cut off mark, especially if you are going for a competitive course.

ABSU Departmental Cut Off Mark for 2021/2022 Session

ABSU releases a cut off mark for each all its departments which every student must meet up with before being considered for admission. The departmental cut off mark is released on a yearly basis and several changes are also made. However, you could use the departmental cut off mark for the previous year to prepare yourself for the JAMB and Post UTME exam.

Ensure that your goal is to perform exceptionally so that your aggregate score would be well above the cut off mark of the course you wish to study.

ABSU JAMB Cut Off Mark

JAMB releases an official cut off mark which every university must adhere to. However, some universities have a different cut off mark for different courses. This is based on the competitiveness and difficulty of the course. While ABSU’s general cut off mark is around 180, you would want to score higher to ensure that you end up with a good aggregate score.

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Below is the ABSU JAMB cut off mark for various departments

Accountancy 200
Banking & Finance 200
Economics 180
Management 200
Marketing 200
Public Administration 200
Animal Science & Fisheries 190
Agric. Economics & Extension 190
Crop Production & Protection 180
Soil Science 180
Food Science & Technology 190
Education/Government 180
Education/Accountancy 180
Education/Administration & Planning 180
Education/Agricultural Science 180
Education/Business Studies 180
Education/Chemistry 180
Education/Economics 180
Education/Management & Planning 180
Education/English & Literature 180
Education/Foundations 180
Education/French 180
Education/Guidance & Counseling 180
Education/History & International Relations 180
Education/Igbo 180
Education/Library Science 180
Education/Mathematics 200
Education/Geography 180
Education/Integrated Science 180
Education/Physics 200
Education/Political Science 180
Education/Religion 180
Education/Fine & Applied Arts 180
Education/Social Studies 180
Education/Biology 200
Education/Home Economics 180
Animal & Environmental Biology 200
Industrial Chemistry 200
Biochemistry 210
Industrial Physics 200
Mathematics 200
Microbiology 200
Plant Science & Biotechnology 220
Statistics 200
Architecture 220
Building Technology & Civil Engineering 190
Environmental Resources Management 200
Estate Management 200
Fine & Applied Arts 200
Urban & Regional Planning 200
Geography & Planning 210
Law 240
Dentistry 210
Medicine & Surgery 240
Nursing Science 220
Optometry 200
English Language & Literature 200
Foreign Language & Translation Studies 190
Government & Public Administration 200
History & International Relations 200
Igbo 180
Linguistics & Communication studies 200
Library & Information Science 200
Information Science 200
Mass Communication 200
Religious Studies 190
Sociology 200
Political Science 200
French 160
Philosophy 180
Other departments  180
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Scoring below the cut off marks listed above doesn’t mean you will not be eligible for admission as long as you don’t score below 180. However, scoring anything below the stated cut off marks means you will have to score extremely high in your Post UTME to ensure that you end up with a good aggregate score that would meet up with the departmental cut off mark.

That concludes the article on how to calculate ABSU aggregate cut off mark. The information above will help you with all you need to get admitted to study the course of your choice in ABSU.

Any question on how to calculate ABSU aggregate score should be directed to us via the comment section below and we shall respond accordingly.

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