Global Polytechnic Admission Requirements For UTME & Direct Entry Candidates

Admission requirements plays a very vital role in deciding ones admission. Over the years it has been observed that many students (aspirants) do not fill the required info as regards the admission requirements for their institution which has led to the forfeiture of candidates admission. Inorder to prevent such from repeating itself, we saw it needful to give the required information needed by aspirants to go on with their admission process.

The following categories below will find this post very beneficial;

  1. Candidates who have selected Global Polytechnic as their preferred choice of institution during their UTME registration.

  2. Direct Entry candidates either from pre-degree programmes like JUPEB, or any of their diploma programmes or from other institution.

  3. DE candidates from polytechnics and other with ND and HND certificates.

  4. Transfer students from other Polytechnics.

The post will give you an in-depth knowledge of admission requirements as a fresh entry student especially in the following areas:

a) WAEC and NECO (O’Level) requirements for UTME and Direct Entry candidates.

b) Minimum JAMB score any candidate apply for admission into must obtain in order for him or her to participate in their post UTME screening exercise.

c) Other requirements not listed on the school’s website.

Firstly we will be taking you through on the general entry admission requirements for all courses offered in Global Polytechnic as this would further clarify candidates on whether or not to select the course in question plus it would help them ascertain their eligibility status for the polytechnic and the course.

Global Polytechnic Admission Requirements For UTME Candidates

  1. WAEC & NECO (‘O’ Level) Requirements: Candidate must obtain a minimum of Credit pass which must include English Language and Mathematics plus any other 3 subjects as it relates to your choice of course. You might want to ask how you are expected to know the subjects that relate to your preferred choice of course.
  2. Never mind because that has been taken care of. To find out the subject that relate to your course, all you need to do is to search for the correct subject combination for the course. Here is a link that contains the list of all subjects and their approved subject combinations for admission into Global Polytechnic and other tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Global Polytechnic Admission Requirements For DE Candidates (Diploma, ND and HND)

  1. WAEC & NECO (‘O’ Level) Requirements: DE (Direct Entry) candidates are not so different from UTME, all that is needed is that candidate must obtain a minimum of Credit pass which must include English Language and Mathematics plus any other 3 subjects as it relates to your choice of course just like the UTME requirements or must possess GCE A/L as this would be an added advantage.
  2. DE Candidate seeking admission into Global Polytechnic must have a minimum of Upper Credit in their ND or HND. Lower credit candidates should forget it because they will not be admitted. In addition, candidates with Distinction have better chances than the others.
  3. Often times DE candidates are also required to participate in the post UTME especially when coming from another institution like the polytechnics or colleges of education.

Are you a DE candidate in need of the right subject combination for your course? You can verify from the link above.

NOTE: Combination of results are allowed by the polytechnic but the year written on both must not be 2 years apart.

The above are Global Polytechnic admission requirements for O’Level subjects. We start with O’Level subjects because they are the most important. Without a complete O’Level result, Global Polytechnic will never admit you no matter your JAMB score or certificates.

Secondly we will be looking at Global Polytechnic admission requirements for UTME scores.

Global Polytechnic Minimum Required JAMB Cut Off Marks For Admission

As part of the admission requirements to gain admission into Global Polytechnic, aside meeting their O’Level admission requirements, you must score up to their UTME minimum JAMB score which will be revealed below for those who do not know this.

Global Polytechnic JAMB Score

As part of Global Polytechnic admission requirements for fresh students, any candidate who applied or seeking admission into this institution must score at least 120 and above to be eligible for admission into Global Polytechnic. It would be worthy to note that the higher your JAMB score, the higher your chances of gaining admission into this polytechnic so long as you pass Global Polytechnic post UTME screening test.

Now having discussed about Global Polytechnic’s general entry admission requirements for fresh students seeking admission into the institution via UTME and DE mode, the next will be the admission requirements for all courses offered in Global Polytechnic based on the faculty they fall under.

Global Polytechnic Subject Combination for All Courses (O’Level & UTME Subjects)

The link below contains the individual courses and their respective subject combinations for courses offered in Global Polytechnic.  Please note that some of the courses below may not be offered in Global Polytechnic however, it would be very beneficial for candidates seeking admission into any higher tertiary institution in Nigeria as this would give you first hand information as regards the correct subject combination which is also requirement in the process of gaining admission into Global Polytechnic or any higher institution as approved by JAMB.

For now, this is all we can provide on Global Polytechnic admission requirements for all fresh students irrespective of the course registered for.

You can always reach out to us via our comment section below as regards Global Polytechnic admission requirement whether as a UTME candidate or DE candidate or applicant, and we shall respond accordingly.

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