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Finding The Ideal For Studio Hire

Every corporate production company knows the importance of working in the right location. The studio is a sanctuary; where all the magic happens! With significant photo shoots and production works on the horizon, finding the ideal studio for hire should be at the top of your bucket list. So, how do you find the best space? Here are the key elements to consider:

  • The Subject

The most important question to ask yourself when trying to find a studio is, what are you shooting? Are you shooting fashion models, bears, tigers? The content you’re shooting determines the studio specifics you need. There are many different types of studios for hire, and knowing your subject will help you narrow your options. 

  • Location

Location is one of the most significant parts of any video production campaign. Your location could make or break your campaign as it reduces or increases your potential. For instance, a campaign shot in Manhattan will likely draw in viewers as it’s a major city compared to a campaign shot in Timbuktu. But location is not only a matter of surroundings and how the neighborhoods look, it also has to do with the proximity to your studio. If it’s an inconvenient journey, you may want to reconsider.

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Finding The Ideal For Studio Hire 1

  • Size and Infrastructure

Consider the size of the studio. The length and width determine the ideal space for your production. You may have small and large projects, so the studio space should be sufficient. Before deciding on the studio, consider how much space you’ll need by considering every production element. Think of things like your prep space, the client waiting room, and everything else that will come into play. Even something as trivial as a smaller parking space could be a deal breaker. 

  • Price

Studios for hire are not a one-size-fits-all solution. So there’s no specific budget as the amount depends on the kind of space you find. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carefully consider cost when choosing a studio hire. Look out for things like amenity fees, damage fees, and over-the-top policies that may triple the price. Learn the art of negotiation as the right language has seen one too many studio owners lower the price. 

  • Service and Amenities

A production studio with extra amenities will give you an ace above your competition. For instance, two additional rooms will create more space and give the staff and your clients more comfort. Don’t overlook the little extra things that may come with your space. A makeup room and private client space are must-haves for your shoot. If you’re working with kids, some extra space for their schooling will be nice to have. 

  • Good Reputation 
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Hiring a reputable studio guarantees good final results. Think about it this way; a reputable studio is well known and has housed many other video production companies. It may have user reviews to show you its pros and cons and solidify your decision. Don’t focus on costs and location without thinking about the studio’s stellar name. With some digging and research, you’ll know whether a studio has a good name. 

  • Lighting

While lighting may seem like a trivial issue to consider, it will make or break your video and photo shoots. Have you ever looked at photos taken under bad lighting? They are unappealing to the eye! Now imagine a video commercial under bad lighting! It would turn even a willing client away! This makes lighting a significant part of the equation. Ensure your studio hire has the best of artificial and natural lighting. 

  • Power Outlets
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Power outlets in a studio for hire must be in good, working condition to support your equipment. Inadequate power sources will limit your creativity and make the studio space unusable. When researching potential property, inquire about power outlets, where they are located and whether you should use your equipment separately in their own electrical ports. This information helps determine whether outlets are available and accessible. 

  • Security Measures

It may seem obvious, but most professionals forget about the right security measures. Are there bars on the windows or security guards on site to ensure your equipment is safe? If you don’t have answers to these questions, look for a studio that guarantees safety.

Need a Studio for Hire? 

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