Estimated Cost of Running Postgraduate Programmes in LASU (PGD, Masters and Ph.D

The cost of running a postgraduate programme in the Lagos State University is quite expensive when compared with other school of postgraduate studies. Postgraduate applicants usually are advised to confirm the estimated cost of LASU postgraduate programmes before embarking on it to avoid having to retreat during the registration process. Here I will put you through on the estimated cost you as a postgraduate applicant or prospective student would expend from the application or registration process to the expected fees as well as cost of accommodation and other logistics.

Most PG students in LASU are either workers or being sponsored by their well to do parents owing to the cost required. Before breaking down the cost you will incur in the cause of running running a PG programme in LASU, it is better you are conversant with the cost of obtaining postgraduate admission form, the registration procedure, available programmes and the likes. Nowadays, LASU PG registration is quite easy unlike in the past where application for any postgraduate programme was carried out strictly by physical visitation to LASU PGS (Postgraduate School) admission office. All that is required now is obtaining the form online by making use of your active debit card, register and submit without physically visiting the school until a test is required.

Estimated Cost of Running Postgraduate Programmes in LASU (PGD, Masters and Ph.D 1

Having said the above, let’s begin with the estimated breakdown of the expected costs of masters, PGD or PHD programmes in LASU. The cost would cover both academic and non-academic expenses especially for first year students. The cost would contain cost of LASU postgraduate admission form, school fees, acceptance fee, hostel accommodation fee as well as any necessary fees or charges you might incur during the application or registration process.

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Students of LASU are proud of the school because of the quality of knowledge and quality of lecturers the school have at their possession but bear in mind you must be ready to part with some reasonable amount of your resources, that is, time and money. Below are the 5 major costs you will incur in order to run a postgraduate degree programme in the Lagos State University.

  • Cost of LASU postgraduate admission form.
  • School fees (the school fee may vary from one department to another)
  • LASU postgraduate acceptance fee
  • Cost of hostel accommodation (Inside campus and off campus)
  • Cost of living.

Cost of Postgraduate Programmes In LASU (Lagos State University)

  1. Cost of Postgraduate Admission Form

This is the first and most important cost any postgraduate applicant must be ready to incur. It is the form that determines whether you are eligible for your choice of PG course in LASU or not. To be eligible for obtaining LASU PG form, you must have the following:

a) Be a graduate of university or polytechnic that is recognized by the Senate of Lagos State University.

b) You must have obtained your NYSC discharge certificate.

Above all, you must meet the Lagos State University postgraduate admission requirements to be eligible to purchase the PG admission form. The cost of LASU postgraduate admission form is 22,500 Naira (Non-refundable).

  1. Postgraduate Acceptance Fee

This is practically the first payment to be paid by all newly admitted PG students in all departments. It is a uniform fee for all new postgraduate students. It forms a part of the cost of running your postgraduate programme at the Lagos State University. It is a one off fee. That is, to be paid once. It is a fee to accept the provisional admission from LASU postgraduate school. Failure to pay this fee as and when due means automatic forfeiture of your admission. LASU postgraduate admission fee is 20,400 Naira.

  1. Postgraduate School Fees

School fees at LASU school of postgraduate studies may differ from one department to another. LASU postgraduate school fees is quite affordable. Fees are paid per semester so this depends on whether you are running a part time or full-time programme. Ideally, LASU postgraduate school fees is within the range of 110,000 to 120,000 per semester. It all depends on your course and programme.

  1. Hostel Accommodation Fee

Accommodation in Lagos state is very expensive which makes the cost of postgraduate programme expensive too. LASU is located in the heart of Lagos, a commercial hub and accommodation within the school area is a bit more expensive than those farther from the institution. Getting a one room self-contain costs as much as 350,000 Naira (three-hundred and fifty thousand naira). Oftentimes, postgraduate students prefer a room self-contain a very ideal self-contain apartment around the Lagos State University. However, there are provisions for hostel accommodation within the school campus that goes for between 70,000 to 90,000 Naira based on first come first serve basis so the choice is yours.

  1. Cost of Living (Feeding and Transportation)

This summarizes the overall cost of running a postgraduate course in LASU. The general cost of living in Lagos state is high. Cost of transportation is quite expensive especially for students living outside the school campus. There are school shuttles that commute students to and fro the school between 100 and 200 for Naira. Also, school shuttles are made readily available to convey students from one location to another at a uniform price usually not above 100 Naira too. Feeding, which is not only cheap but fresh, affordable and readily available farm produce at the best possible prices makes schooling and working even more fun.

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In summary, the estimated cost of running a postgraduate programme in Lagos State University are as follows:

  • Cost of Form – 25,300
  • PG Acceptance Fee – 40,000
  • School Fees – 150,000 (estimated) per semester
  • Prospectus, Examination, Project Supervision, ID Card, Medical Fees = ₦46,500.00
  • Development Levy = ₦40,000.00
  • Accommodation – 250,000k (Off Campus) and 90,000 Naira (Within Campus)
  • Logistics (Transportation) – This depends on your location.
  • Feeding – 20,000 per month
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If you are to sum up the above, your estimated cost of running a postgraduate programme in the Lagos State University would cost you at least between 600,000 to 700,000 Naira in the first year especially for students who prefer staying off campus. There are no hostel accommodation within the school Campus so all PG students are to live outside the school.

Please note that there could be some unforeseen expenses which have not been listed here, however the differences shouldn’t be significant.

You could send your comments and opinions as regards your experience as it relates to costs expended as a postgraduate student at the Lagos State University or any other school of postgraduate studies so other aspiring students can gain.

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