Full List of EKSU Part Time Courses & Admission Requirements

The Directorate of Part-time Programmes, Ekiti state university, responsible for the administration of part time degree programmes have published the list of all part time courses offered in EKSU.

The Ekiti state university campus receives the highest part time application form every academic session. Many attribute this to the fact that people of Ekiti state are learned. Even though this may be true, but not in all entirety. We cannot take out the fact that EKSU has some of the best and most experienced lecturers in Nigeria hence experience and quality. We are going to be discussing about EKSU part time courses and their admission requirements in this post so if you are interested in plying your tertiary education through EKSU part time programme then this post is for you.

Oftentimes candidates seeking admission via part time confuse the full time courses for part time courses. They just assume that any course offered in EKSU undergraduate full time degree programme is equally offered under EKSU part time degree programmes but this is not always the case

Many UTME students that selected EKSU in their UTME now go for part time programmes after failing to gain admission via UTME and the good thing is that the certificate awarded to part time graduates does not state whether it was part time or full time degree programme so in the eyes of any employer, every certificate is given equal opportunity.

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EKSU part time courses for this semester have been listed below, however, some courses offered in full time are not available in part time programmes mainly because of the time required to cover the scope of work involved, which includes, practical, field trips, consistent attendance and other factors which part time students would most likely not have due to time constraints.

Full List of EKSU Part Time Courses & Admission Requirements 1

On the other hand, administrative courses like Accounting, Business Administration are the most applied courses under part time studies in EKSU. There are no part time courses under faculty of sciences. Part time programmes are only available under faculty of social sciences and art.

Do you know that you do not require JAMB in order to gain admission into EKSU part time degree programmes, all that is required is to get your correct O’level results and must be at least 18 years of age to be qualified to purchase EKSU part time admission form. In the cause of writing this article, we shall also provide the approved entry admission requirements to study any of the part-time courses offered in EKSU as at today.

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Most candidates or applicants often complain using the following statements “the course i applied for was not given to me, what should i do? i met all the admission requirements yet i was not offered admission, how do i apply for EKSU part time degree programme? what are the part time courses offered in EKSU, what are the requirements to apply for EKSU part time degree programme?, what is EKSU part time admission cut off mark? 

The above questions have one answer which is, meeting the admission requirements. Any candidate that does meet the EKSU part time admission requirement automatically is not eligible for admission and there are no two ways about it.

One common requirement for EKSU part-time courses is that they all require O’level results with at least five (5) credit passes which must include English language and mathematics and any other three (3) O’Level subjects as it relates to their course of study. Check the link below for the approved subject combination for EKSU part time courses.

EKSU Part Time Degree Admission Requirements

Candidates interested in any of the part time courses offered in EKSU must first meet the basic entry admission requirements before purchasing the EKSU part time admission form online.

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As an applicant, you must have obtained a minimum of 5 credit passes in mathematics and English language and any 3 other subjects related to your registered course of study. Check HERE for list of EKSU part time courses and their correct subject combination.

List of Part Time Courses Offered In EKSU (Ekiti State University)


Banking and Finance

Business Administration


Geography and Planning Science

Political Science



History and International Studies

The above list shows the available part time courses that are currently offered in EKSU as at today? Despite part time programme being an internally organized one, note that the NUC still has the right to dis-accredit any course that doesn’t meet the requirements in terms of quality of lecturer, teaching facilities and other criteria to be listed among EKSU part time courses for the academic session.

Hope this is well understood? if you have any question as regards EKSU part time courses, their admission requirement and EKSU part time application form, please reach us via the comment section below and we shall respond accordingly.

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