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WAEC Syllabus For Physics 2024/2025 Session – Free PDF Document

The West African Examination Council, WAEC 2024 syllabus for Physics has a direct impact on students pass level for the subject but not many are aware of this. Being armed with the basic knowledge what the exam will look like makes the student better prepared for the examination ahead. In this case, only candidates with the WAEC Syllabus are aware of what they are to get prepared for ahead, the proposed and approved study materials like text books, required calculators, tops and subtopics in each subjects.

WAEC Syllabus For Physics [year]/[nyear] Session - Free PDF Document 1

WAEC syllabus for physics is useful science students, it falls within the category of the WAEC 2024 syllabus for science students that most students in science classes have been clamoring for.

From our survey, we have found out questions going round online, students asking for the 2024 WAEC Syllabus for Science subjects of which Physics is a part of. Thankfully we already have been able to come up with the 2024 WAEC Syllabus for physics. We have the WAEC syllabus for all subjects but we will not be making that available at once as it would be too cumbersome for students, so we will be breaking down the WAEC syllabus per subject for students who have the need for it, however, we have already on our blog,  2024 WAEC syllabus for Biology, you could check it out as it would be of great help.

For the sake of this post, we will be providing the 2024 WAEC syllabus for Physics but let us make it clear to you that we have the WAEC syllabus for the following subjects;

  1.  2024 WAEC Syllabus for Physics
  2. WAEC 2024/2025 Syllabus for English Language
  3.  2024 WAEC Syllabus for Chemistry
  4. WAEC Syllabus for all science subjects 2024/2025
  5. WAEC syllabus for all subjects offered in Senior Secondary School.
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Taking into cognizance the above plus dedication to your studies, you are sure of coming out in flying colours in your WASSCE (West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination). For the sake of this post as said earlier, we are going to provide you with WAEC syllabus for Physics below, we will give a summary of what the 2024 WAEC syllabus for Physics contains before providing a download link in PDF format for all science students.


The 2024/2025 WAEC syllabus for Physics is drawn up from the curricula of the member countries of WAEC (West African Examinations Council). It should be used alongside the appropriate teaching syllabus (es) of the country where the candidates are residents.

The 2024 WAEC syllabus is divided into three sections: Sections A, B and C. Section A is for all candidates, Section B is for candidates in Ghana only and Section C is for candidates in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, The Gambia and Liberia.

The syllabus is evolved from the Senior Secondary School teaching syllabus and is intended to indicate the scope of the course for Physics examination.

It is structured with the conceptual approach.  The broad concepts of matter, position, motion and time; energy; waves; fields; Atomic and Nuclear Physics, electronics are considered and each concept forms a part on which other sub-concepts are further based.


The aims of the syllabus are to enable candidates

(1)  To help students acquire proper understanding of the basic principles and applications of Physics as a subjects.

(2)  To assist students in developing scientific skills and attitudes as pre-requisites for further scientific activities;

(3)  Recognize the usefulness, and limitations of scientific method to appreciate its applicability ion other disciplines and in every life;

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(4)  Develops candidates abilities, attitudes and skills that encourage efficiency and safe practice;

(5) Develop scientific attitudes such as accuracy, precision, objectivity, integrity, initiative and inventiveness.


The following activities appropriate to Physics will be tested:

  • Firstly, the objective of the 2024/2025 WAEC syllabus for Physics is help students in the acquisition of knowledge and understanding
  • Secondly, students ought to be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Scientific phenomena, facts laws, definitions, concepts and theories;
  • Thirdly, Scientific vocabulary, terminology and conventions (including symbols, quantities and units);
  • Fourthly, the use of scientific apparatus, including techniques of operation and aspects of safety;
  • Furthermore, Scientific quantities and their determinations;
  • Again, the objective of the 2024 WAEC syllabus for physics is the scientific and technological applications with their social economic and environmental implications plus its Information handling and problem-solving techniques.
  • Candidates should be able, using visual, oral, aural and written (including symbolic, diagrammatic, graphical and numerical) information to locate  select, organize and present information from a variety of sources including  everyday experience;
  • Analyse and evaluate information and other data;
  • Use information to identify patterns, report trends and draw inferences;
  • Present reasonable explanations for natural occurrences, patterns and relationships;
  • Experimental and Problem-Solving Techniques

 Candidates should be able to follow instructions;

a) Carry out experimental procedures using apparatus;

b) Make and record observations, measurements and estimates with due regard toprecision, accuracy and units;

c) Interpret, evaluate and report on observations and experimental data;

d) Identify problems, plan and carry out investigations, including the selection of techniques, apparatus, measuring devices and materials

e) Evaluate methods and suggest possible improvements;

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f) State and explain the necessary precautions taken in experiments to obtain accurate results.


There will be 3 papers, Papers 1, 2 and 3, all of which must be taken. Papers 1 and 2 will be a composite paper to be taken at one sitting.

PAPER 1:  Will consist of fifty multiple choice questions lasting 1¼ hours and carrying 50 marks.

PAPER 2:  Will consist of two sections, Sections A and B lasting1½ hours and carrying 60 marks.

Section A – Will comprise seven short-structured questions. Candidates will be required to answer any five questions for a total of 15 marks.

Section B – Will comprise five essay questions out of which candidates will be required to answer any three for 45 marks.

PAPER 3:  Will be a practical test for school candidates or an alternative to practical work paper for private candidates.  Each version of the paper will comprise three questions out of which candidates will be required to answer any two in 2¾ hours for 50 marks.

For all questions relating to the 2024 WAEC syllabus for Biology, answers to all questions have been made available via the download link below. The link below contains a table with the full details of 2024/2025 WAEC syllabus for Biology for senior secondary school students.

>> Download the 2024 WAEC SYLLABUS FOR PHYSICS

Hope the above has been helpful so far? however, if you have questions as regards the WAEC Syllabus for Physics 2024, kindly get through to us via the comment section below and we shall respond accordingly. Please note that the above should be treated with seriousness as it is the approved WAEC syllabus for Physics 2024/2025 academic session.

Best of luck to all students.

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