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Civic Education Lesson Note for JSS3 (First Term) 2023

Civic Education lesson note for JSS3 First Term is now available for free. The State and Federal Ministry of Education has recommended unified lesson notes for all secondary schools in Nigeria, in other words, all private secondary schools in Nigeria must operate with the same lesson notes based on the scheme of work for Civic Education.

Civic Education lesson note for JSS3  First Term has been provided in detail here on

Civic Education Lesson Note for JSS3 (First Term) [year] 1


For prospective school owners, teachers, and assistant teachers, Civic Education lesson note is defined as a guideline that defines the contents and structure of Civic Education as a subject offered at SS level. The lesson note for Civic Education for SS stage maps out in clear terms, how the topics and subtopics for a particular subject, group works and practical, discussions and assessment strategies, tests, and homework ought to be structured in order to fit in perfectly, the approved academic activities for the session.

To further emphasize the importance of this document, the curriculum for Civic Education spells out the complete guide on all academic subjects in theory and practical. It is used to ensure that the learning purposes, aims, and objectives of the subject meant for that class are successfully achieved.

Civic Education Lesson note for JSS3 carries the same aims and objectives but might be portrayed differently based on how it is written or based on how you structure your lesson note. Check how to write lesson notes as this would help make yours unique.

The JSS3 Civic Education lesson note provided here is in line with the current scheme of work hence, would go a long way in not just helping the teachers in carefully breaking down the subject, topics, and subtopics but also, devising more practical ways of achieving the aim and objective of the subject.

The sudden increase in the search for JSS3 Civic Education lesson note for First Term is expected because every term, tutors are in need of a robust lesson note that carries all topics in the curriculum as this would go a long way in preparing students for the West African Secondary Examination.

This post is quite a lengthy one as it provides in full detail, the Civic Education-approved lesson note for all topics and sub-topics in Civic Education as a subject offered in JSS3.

Please note that Civic Education lesson note for JSS3 provided here for First Term is approved by the Ministry of Education based on the scheme of work.

I made it free for tutors, parents, guardians, and students who want to read ahead of what is being taught in class.

JSS3 Civic Education Lesson Note (First Term) 2023






  • Review of last term’s work
  • Role of Citizen’s in constitutional development

Process of constitutional development

3 National Security

Meaning; The role of citizen in mainting national unity e.g. vigilance, patriotism, obedience etc.

  • National security agencies: Military, Para-Military Services (Civil Defence), Police, State Security Service (SSS), Immigration Service etc
  • Self Employment (1)

Meaning of self employment

Forms e.g. Fashion Designing, Carpentary, Decoration, Bead making etc

Need for self employment

6 Self Employment (2)

Sources of funding

Agencies promoting self employment

Skills acquisition centres i.e. Women Development Centres (WDC)

Government Technical Centres

7 Managing for Results

Definition of Management

Need for effective Management

Benefits for effective Management

8 General Revision

9 & 10 JSCE Examination


Review of last term work


Topic: The role of citizen in constitutional developments

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  1. Citizen vote to elect their representatives to the national assembly and House of Representatives, they are the major pillars in sponsoring bills to amend any section of the constitution.
  2. Sending memorandum to National Assembly and House of Representatives on the portion that needs to be reviewed.  This memorandum will serve as part of the citizen’s contribution at all level and to give wider consultation in amending the constitution of a country.

3 Organizing and attending public hearing about the portion that needs to be amended.  The legislative arm of government in their own capacity have right to invite the members of the public such as political parties, trade unions, students, past leaders etc to attend a public hearing on the need to amend the constitution of a country; and during  the process they can contributes their own quota towards achieving these aims and objectives.

  1. Nomination as candidates either by the government or by their various parties at their constituencies to participate in drafting or amending the existing constitution of a country.
  2. The independence and determination of Judiciary to interprete the constitution of a country.  The Judiciary may advise the legislature on the section that need to be re-drafted in a constitution.
  3. Mass rallies, propaganda, peaceful demonstration on constitution of a country by the citizens.



  1. The three arms of government : The Executives, Legislative and the Judiciary.
  2. Political parties
  3. Electoral commission.
  4. NGO’s
  5. Trade unions
  6. Civil societies
  7. Army forces
  8. Students and ethnic society


  1. State four roles of citizens in constitutional development.
  2. Identify four institutions that could promote meaningful contributions to constitutional developments.


Topic: National Security


National security could mean any defence plan by a nation which is good enough to successfully resist hostile or destructive action inside or outside a country.


  1. Vigilance involves being conscious of the happenings within the environment. Vigilance helps in curbing the activities of vandals of government property e.g Transformers, Workers pioes, oil and gas pipelines e.t.c.
  2. Supply of useful information to security agents: Citizens should report to the police or other security agent anybody they feel is a threat to the security of life and property. Thereby curbing activities of the criminals.
  3. Remaining law abiding: Obedience to laws of the society helps in preventing anarchy, violence and riots in the country.
  4. Displaying patriotism: Patriotism means having love for ones fatherland. Therefore a patriotic and dedicated Nigerian will work for the good and peace of the country.
  5. Readiness to join the armed forces: Whenever the need arises for a citizen to join the army to fight against the nation’s enemy, he or she should be willing to do so.

National Security Agencies the Military

The Military in Nigeria consists of the armed forces, Navy the sea branch and the air force the air branch. The three are normally referred to as the Nigerian armed forces.


  1. Defending Nigeria from external aggression: The Nigerian armed forces are expected to resist any attempt by any nation to fight Nigeria through Land, air or sea
  2. Maintaining Nigeria territorial integrity and secure its border the Nigerian army, Nigerian navy and Nigerian air force ensure no nation illegally enter Nigerian territory through land, sea or air respectively.
  3. Suppressing Insurrection: The military could be called upon by the president to intervene in restoring Civil Authorities e.g. the   curtailing of the activities of the Boko-Haram insurgence in the north- eastern Nigeria of Maiduguri, yobe and adamawa states.
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The primary role of the Nigeria police is to protect lives and property in partnership with the community.

The role of police in national security

  1. They protect lives and properly.
  2. It assists in detecting and apprehending suspected criminals.
  3. It helps in maintaining law and order in the society.
  4. It assists in settling minor disputes that could that could lead to breakdown of law and order.
  5. It investigates criminal cases and prosecutes suspected criminal in court.


  1. Mention three security agencies in Nigeria.
  2. State four functions of the police in national security.


Topic: State Security Service

Content: The sss in the federal government law enforcement agency in Nigeria it helps in internal policing.


  1. Defending and protecting the federal government against domestic threats.
  2. Upholding and enforcing criminal laws in Nigeria.
  3. Providing leadership and criminal justice services to both federal and state law – enforcement agencies.
  4. Protection of president, vice- president, top government officials and their families.

Nigeria immigration service (NIS) was formally carved out from Nigeria police in 1958.


  1. Control of aliens
  2. Issuance of Nigeria passport
  3. Issuance of resident permit to foreigners

The national drug law enforcement agency NDLEA was established by decree 48 of 2000.


  1. The co- ordination of all drug laws and enforcement of functions conferred on any person or authority.
  2. Adoption of measures to eradicate illicit cultivation of narcotic plants and to eliminate illicit demand for narcotic drugs and psychotropic substance.
  3. Adoption of measures which shall include co-ordinate preventive and repressive action; introduction and maintenance of investigation and control techniques.
  4. Adoption of measures to increase the effect of eradication efforts.
  5. Enhancing the effective enforcement of law to suppress illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.


  1. State four functions of the military
  2. State five functions of the NDLEA.


Topic: Self-Employment

Content: Meaning Of Self-Employment

Self-employment is the ability to work for one’s self instead of being under someone’s employment.

He gets income from the business he runs personally.


  1. Fashion designing
  2. Catering
  3. Event photography
  4. Carpentry
  5. Tailoring
  6. Laundering
  7. Cleaning services
  8. Writing
  9. Car-wash services
  10. Auto-mechanic


  1. It helps in reducing unemployment.
  2. It helps in increasing level of employment
  3. It  develops the economy
  4. It helps in increasing governments revenue through personal income tax paid by their employees
  5. It speeds up Economic development i.e. total transformation of society which is good for all and sundry.


  1. What is self employment?
  2. What type of trade would you like to learn as a blue collar job? Explain in your own words.


Topic: Self Employment II

Sub topic: Source of Funding


  1. Personal savings:

Most self employ people normally raise the initial capital from savings they have made over a period of time.

  1. Gifts from friends and relations: some self employed people get their funds or capital from their relations or close friends.
  2. Loans from banks: self employed people do approach banks particularly micro-finance banks to get initial capital for their business.
  3. Plough-back profit: part of profit made by self employed are sometimes used to expand their business instead of spending on personal needs.
  4. Government assistance: sometimes individuals who receive vocational training from government agencies are financially supported to start off. It could be in cash or in kind.
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National Poverty Eradication Programmed (NAPEP)

Government started initiating some poverty alleviation programmes among which was the establishment of national poverty eradication programmed in 2001.  Its primary responsibility is the coordination and monitoring of all poverty eradication programmes in Nigeria.


  1. It encourages mass participation in economic reform process.
  2. It assists state and local governments to develop direct anti-poverty programmes. These are micro-finance and micro-credit programmes.
  3. Its helps in building strategic public and private sector partnership.


This agency was established by National Directorate of Employment Act 1989.


  1. Designing and implementing programmes to combat unemployment.
  2. Articulating policies aimed at developing work programmes with labour intensive potentials.
  3. Obtaining and maintaining data bank an employment and vacancies.
  4. Implement and other policy.
  5. Promoting skill acquisition through its National Open Apprenticeship Scheme.

Women development centres and government technical colleges across the country also served as centre for airing training in various Vocational and Technical Education. This will serve as feeder to our growing industries as well as Youth Empowerment Programmes.


  1. List five sources of funds for self employed people.
  2. State the full meaning of NAPEP.
  3. What are the functions of NDE?


Topic: Managing For Results.


Management is the act of controlling a business organization. The managing director serves as the overall boss of an organization, laying down all general lines of policy, and hiring and firing assistant managerial staff to carry out the decisions.


  1. To raise the standard of living and improve the condition of the people.
  2. To increase production activities that will meet up with the demands of the people in the society.
  3. To reduce waste of human and material resources in production of private and public goods.
  4. To increase the turnover and profit an individual, organization and nation at large.
  5. To raise the national income of a country. 


  1. Effective management remotes economic growth and development in the society.
  2. It reduces unemployment and assist in eradicating poverty among the people in the society.
  3. It helps the society and organizations to achieve their goals for maximum benefits.
  4. It promotes effective use of human and material rsources for human capital development in the society
  5. It removes the fear of domination, crisis, cheating, and intimidation on the part of the people.


  1. List four needs for effective management.
  2. State and explain five benefits of effective management.


General Revision.

Hope you got what you visited this page for? The above is the lesson note for Civic Education for JSS3 class. However, you can download the free PDF file for record purposes.

If you have any questions as regards Civic Education lesson note For JSS3 class, kindly send them to us via the comment section below and we shall respond accordingly as usual.





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