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Civic Education Lesson Note for JSS2 (First Term) 2023

Civic Education lesson note for JSS2 First Term is now available for free. The State and Federal Ministry of Education has recommended unified lesson notes for all secondary schools in Nigeria, in other words, all private secondary schools in Nigeria must operate with the same lesson notes based on the scheme of work for Civic Education.

Civic Education lesson note for JSS2  First Term has been provided in detail here on

Civic Education Lesson Note for JSS2 (First Term) [year] 1


For prospective school owners, teachers, and assistant teachers, Civic Education lesson note is defined as a guideline that defines the contents and structure of Civic Education as a subject offered at SS level. The lesson note for Civic Education for SS stage maps out in clear terms, how the topics and subtopics for a particular subject, group works and practical, discussions and assessment strategies, tests, and homework ought to be structured in order to fit in perfectly, the approved academic activities for the session.

To further emphasize the importance of this document, the curriculum for Civic Education spells out the complete guide on all academic subjects in theory and practical. It is used to ensure that the learning purposes, aims, and objectives of the subject meant for that class are successfully achieved.

Civic Education Lesson note for JSS2 carries the same aims and objectives but might be portrayed differently based on how it is written or based on how you structure your lesson note. Check how to write lesson notes as this would help make yours unique.

The JSS2 Civic Education lesson note provided here is in line with the current scheme of work hence, would go a long way in not just helping the teachers in carefully breaking down the subject, topics, and subtopics but also, devising more practical ways of achieving the aim and objective of the subject.

The sudden increase in the search for JSS2 Civic Education lesson note for First Term is expected because every term, tutors are in need of a robust lesson note that carries all topics in the curriculum as this would go a long way in preparing students for the West African Secondary Examination.

This post is quite a lengthy one as it provides in full detail, the Civic Education-approved lesson note for all topics and sub-topics in Civic Education as a subject offered in JSS2.

Please note that Civic Education lesson note for JSS2 provided here for First Term is approved by the Ministry of Education based on the scheme of work.

I made it free for tutors, parents, guardians, and students who want to read ahead of what is being taught in class.

JSS2 Civic Education Lesson Note (First Term) 2023


JSS 2 First Term


– Meaning

– Attributes

– Importance

– Examples of people of integrity into society





– Meaning

– Attributes

4Effect of lack of contentment on the society



– Meaning

– Attributes

– Consequences of discipline

6– Respect for rules and regulation

– Consequences of disobedience

– Effects of discipline


– Meaning

– Types

Attributes of courageous persons

8Courageous persons in the society

Nigeria As A Federation

– Meaning of a federation

– Needs for a federation

10– Characterises of federation

Problems of Nigeria of federation

Sharing power between central and state government




Integrity is the ability to stand on one’s word or promise. Irrespective of situation and circumstances one faces. It is the quality of being honest and having strong moral, principles, norms, values and belief on how we relate to people, community and our nation.


The following are the attribute of integrity:

  1. Contentment in all situation
  2. Honesty in dealing
  3. Truthfulness in all manner
  4. Non-compromise of one’s principle
  5. Perseverance and patience
  6. Respect and good neighbour lines
  7. Social justice and fair play
  8. Faithfulness and trustworthy
  9. Hardwork and courage.


Define integrity



There are needs for people of integrity in our society because of the following reason:

  1. The need for community development, only people of integrity will not compromise standard and this can actually bring about growth and development in a community.
  2. To bring about peaceful co-existence into the community, that is only the men and women of integrity could promote peace through.
  3. To harness human and material resources of the community for the welfare of the people living in that community.
  4. To raise people of like mind, people who will go against oppression and dictorship in government.
  5. To foster unity and cooperation among people living in a community.


  1. It make the citizens honest in all aspect of their living
  2. It bring about total commitment in whatever they do
  3. It raises the standard of morality in the society
  4. The society of people of integrity witness rapid development because honest people occupy leadership position
  5. People of integrity produce work of highest quality and posses excellent behaviour
  6. It makes people have confidence in what they do
  7. It provides role model for the coming generation.

Exercise: Write a short note on past five (5) heroes who are people of integrity in Nigeria.


Explain 3 reasons why peoples of integrity are needed in the society



Contentment is the quality of being satisfied with what one has or the situation one find himself while hoping and working towards a better function. A contentment person will not envy another person as he is satisfied with what he has. He’s humble disciplined.


  1. SATISFACTION:A contented person is always satisfied with his possession. He would not be negatively pushed to act abnormally (ungodly) and indecent to get more riches or possession as he work hard for a better nature.
  2. HATRED FOR CORRUPTION AND GREEDINESS:He will snub grab it all in all he does. He will earn only hoibrable and decent money not embezzling or taking bribes.
  3. HUMILITY:A contented person is humble and does not drag or raise shoulders.
  4. LACK OF ENVY:He is never enving those that are better than him through dubious ways. Rather he believed that with hard work and patience he will surely progresss in life.


Define contentment



Some of such problem that lack of contentment breeds in our society includes:

  1. THEFT:Lack of contentment leads to stealing, a child that lack contentment will steal from his friend money in school in order to live and look like them.
  2. PROSTITUTION: woman lacking contentment are easily lured into prostitution because she wants to acquire more jewelries, clothes, shoes and bags when her resources can not support these.
  3. ENVY:The envious person would want to get rid of the rich one to have their wealth. He will go into social line kidnapping and assassination.
  4. Corruption
  5. Greed
  6. Robbery
  7. Cheating


Mention five consequences of lack of contentment on society



Discipline is the ability to behave and worn is a strict standard and controlled form which involves obeying particular rules or pattern of behaviour even in a difficult situation. It is the attitude of doing the right thing at the right time.

Peace and harmony prevails in societies when the citizens are disciplined.


  1. SELF – CONTROL:this is deliberately avoiding abnormal behaviour that can embarrass you and others e.g. avoiding the urge to fight in public or exchange of abusive word with a colleague. Someone without self-control can engage in drug trafficking to meet a need.
  2. MODESTY:it is sympathy in all things people want to throw the bigger party, ride the best car when it is not necessary. Extravagant life style has made lot of leaders and civil servants engage in corrupt practices.
  3. RESPECT FOR RULES AND REGULATIONS:A disciplined person pay his tax regularly, obey traffic rules and help security agents’ fights against crime by providing useful information when necessary.


  1. Discipline encourages peace in the society:when people obey rules and regulations. There will be peace in such a society.
  2. It foster unity:discipline make people worn together in unity
  3. It fosters economic and political development: financial discipline in civil servant and political would make them use government find for developmental project than for projects that will benefits them, their friend and relatives.


Indiscipline is the opposite of discipline. It is the act of doing things the society frowns at. The following are some of the consequences of discipline in the society.

  1. It brings disorderliness in the society
  2. It allows for social and political instability
  3. It slows down development efforts
  4. In the school there will be utter confusion. Teachers would not be able to teach and students unable to learn.
  5. It leads to disunity; break up of families and destruction of social values.


Explain the meaning of discipline 


General School Rules

  • Be punctual, report to school and class on time. School begins at 8:00 a.m.
  • Strive to be present every school day. In case of absence, parents should call the school in the morning of the absence and notify the teacher in writing upon the student’s return to school.
  • Respect each other at all times.
  • Buildings and the compound will be kept clean and neat. Do not deface or damage school property. Students who destroy the school property will make restitution.
  • Maintain order when moving to different areas. Do not run; running is a frequent cause of injuries.
  • The following are not allowed in school unless prior permission is granted by the school staff:
    • radios, cell phones, pagers and other electrical equipment
    • razors
    • valuables, extra money,
  • Remain within school boundaries at all times. Students leaving the compound must have a Student Pass and must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.
  • Avoid using abusive or foul language and gestures.
  • Do not climb gates, railings, fences, and the school buildings.
  • Respect the property rights of others.
  • Leave the premises immediately after school duties/responsibilities are completed.
  • Buying/selling of personal items and trading are not allowed.



Indiscipline increases the rate of crimes in the society.

Indiscipline prevents the achievement of the societal goals.

Indiscipline may threaten the peace and progress of the society.

Indiscipline widens the gap between the rich and poor.

Indiscipline breeds high level of poverty in the society.

Indiscipline retards growth and development.


Write 5 rules and regulation of Elias International School 


What is courage?

Courage is the ability to do something difficult even when there’s risk. Courageous people do and say what they think is right despite opposition.

Types of courage

Moral courage is the courage to take action for moral reasons despite the risk of adverse consequences.

It is also the willingness to say the truth at all times and do the right things even when force to change one’s mind.

Spiritual Courage: this is when is able to act according to one’s religious belief

Physical Courage: this is when one uses physical energy to be able  to get things done


List and explain 3 types of courage


Attributes of a Courageous Persons

The following are some of the attributes a courageous person:

  1. Commitment: a courageous person should always be hardworking and very loyal
  2. Endurance : a courageous person should be able to tolerate suffering ,pain and hardship without complaining
  3. Determination : a courageous person should have a strong feeling or desire to achieve results or goals
  4. Steadfastness: a courageous person must be firm and must not be somebody who changes his/her words and actions anyhow and must be known for what he or she is.
  5. Diligence : one must be careful, thorough and very hardworking
  6. Boldness : one must not be fearful in whatever he/she does
  7. Bravery : one must be ready to face danger ,pain or suffering when carrying out a task, which means he or she must be lion hearted


Mention 5 attributes of courageous person in society



A federation or a federal system on in which there is constitutional division or three tires of government (Federal, State/region and local government). In a federation, the central (federal in Nigeria) represents the whole country and act on behalf of all in common matters like defence, external affairs, currency, and national revenue and so on. A federation is a system of government which government power that exists in the country is shared between a central government and other components governments.

The name Nigeria was given by Miss. Floral Shaw (later Mrs. Lugard) in her essay which first appeared. In times of January 1897, Nigeria started to exist at the amalgamation of Northern and Southern protection. Nigeria is the 99th member of the United Nation organisation since October 1st, 1960 became a federal republic on October 1st, 1963.

Currently Nigeria has 36 states which include Abia, Anambra, Zamfara, Lagos etc. There are 774 local government.

Other countries practising federal system of government include Switzerland, USA, Australia, Canada.

Division of functions among the three tiers of government according to the constitution are as follows:

  1. The Exclusive list: power and functions in this list are reserved for the central government alone to exercise. The list includes: defence, currency, foreign affairs, immigration customs, mining, police force and so on.
  2. Concurrent list: This list of functions are shared by both central and state government. In the event of conflict in exercising these functions. Central government’s decision supercedes or prevails over that of the state government. The list includes labour, road, insurance, higher education, research, in distance development among thers.
  3. The residual list: this list of function are exercised by the states government and local government. This include markets, motor parms, chieftaincy affairs, minor roads, material and heatch centres, primary education, library.


  1. Geographical size:government becomes effective as the divisions of function lessen the burden on the central government words. The burden of the central government is reduced because functions are divided. It allows for easy monitoring of state and local areas and as a result glass root are well cared for.
  2. Economic factor:there is the need to pool resources of the religion together for a strong and vibrant economy.
  3. Minority:protecting the interest the aspiration of the minority calls for the adoption of a federal.
  4. National integration: the component units of Nigeria need to be united and tilled as one entity. The central government see to the even development of all the state and local government. It marks polities that will unite the country like the constituation, NYSC to for everybody and coordinate the economic and political activities of other components.
  5. Unity in diversity:with over 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria, the federal government established unity school throughout the federation bringing children from different of the country together as well as the federal character.


Mention any 5 reasons for the adoption of a federal system



The following are some of the characteristics of a federation,

  1. Separation of powers: governmental powers are shared between federal and state government according to the constitution.
  2. Written and rigid constitution:a federation usually has a written and rigid constitution
  3. Existence of bicamerical legislature: there are two houses at the central, the house of representations and the state.
  4. Supremacy of constitution:the constitution is final activity in any other
  5. The federal and state government derive their powers from the constitution
  6. Every group in the country is recognised and represented
  7. The supreme court: this settles disputes between various level of government (federal and state) and it gives the final interpretation of the constitution.
  8. The autonomy of every post of the country is guaranteed by the constitution
  9. The states of a federation has unequal human and material resources


  1. The reliance sharing formula has been an object of controller since independence.
  2. The military has ruled for about for decades, destabilizing various pillar of democracy and democratic values in the country.
  3. Falsified census figures in part of the federation for political reasons.
  4. Contiguous  boundaries among regional areas
  5. Ethnic loyalty by leaders which is a treat national unity
  6. Ethnical base political parties which does not help in uniting the nation.
  7. The domination of the majority or larger ethnic group.
  8. Lack of federal characters in sharing resources and major political seat line chief judges and ministers


  1. The local government get allocation from the federal account
  2. The state government approve the annual budget of the local government as well as looking into (audit) the accounts of the local government
  3. The state has the power to dissolve local government executive council
  4. The federal government creates the state and local government areas. She can adjust boundaries or remove existing boundaries.
  5. The state government and local government can help in implementing some of federal government policies like the industrial and educational polices


  1. The federal government legislate on both exclusive concurrent list while the state legislate on concurrent and residual list.
  2. The federal government has two legislative houses (senate and house of representative) while the state has one (the legislative council).
  3. The federal government is headed by the president while the state is headed by the governor and the local government but the state cannot control the federal government.
  4. The federal government has constitutional power to control the state but the state cannot control the federal government
  5. The federal government can formulate policies for the whole country while the state and local government can formulate polices for themselves alone.


Mention 3 areas of differences among federal ,state and local governments.

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