BASUG Academic Calendar For 2023 Released – Updated Version

This is to inform all fresh and returning students of Bauchi State University (BASUG) that the management of the institution has adjusted the academic calendar for the 2023/2024 academic session.

The BASUG adjusted academic calendar has been designed to run for a period of 1 year approximately. All academic and non-academic activities have been scheduled to take place within the approved timeframe as adjusted by the management of the university.



The academic calendar for BASUG goes as follows:

1.Resumption and continuation of lectures for 1st semester 2023/2024 academic sessionMonday 25th January,2021 – Thursday 25th February, 20214 Weeks
2.Revision and completion of Administration of continue assessment (CA)Friday 26th February-Saturday 6th March, 2021     1 Week
3.First semester 2023/2024 examinationsMonday 8th – Saturday 27th March 20213 Weeks


4.First Semester 2023/2024 breakSaturday 27th March- Sunday 4th April, 20211 Week
Commencement of second semester 2023/2024 academic session
5.LecturesTuesday 6th April –  Wednesday 30th June, 2021    11 Weeks
6.RevisionThursday 1st July – Wednesday 7th July, 20211 week
7.Second semester 2023/2024 examinationsThursday 8th – Friday 30th July, 20213 Weeks
8.Second Semester 2023/2024 session breakFriday 30th July – Sunday 15 August, 20212 Weeks
    Commencement of 2023/2024 Academic session
9.Resumption/registration and lectures for first semester 2023/2024 academic sessionMonday 16th August, 2021 – Tuesday 16th November, 202112 Weeks
10.RevisionWednesday 17th – Tuesday 23rd November, 20211 Week
11.First semester 2023/2024 session examinationsThursday 2nd – Tuesday 16th December, 20212 Weeks
12.First Semester 2023/2024 break (Christmas and New year)Wednesday 16th December 2021- Sunday 2nd January, 20222 Weeks
Second Semester 2023/2024 academic session
13.Resumption and registration of second semester 2023/2024 academic sessionMonday 3rd January – Friday 15th April, 202213 Weeks
14.RevisionMonday 18th  – Friday 23rd April, 20221 Week
15.Second semester 2023/2024 examinationsMonday 25th April – Saturday 14th May, 20223 Weeks
16.Second Semester 2023/2024 breakMonday 16th – Saturday 28th May, 20222 Weeks

I hope the above is properly understood? Do you have any questions as regards BASUG academic calendar 2023? Please feel free by reaching out to us via the comment section below and I will respond accordingly.

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