Adesuwa Etomi: Biography, Movies, Wedding, Age & Net-worth (2024)

Adesua Etomi-Wellington, also referred to as Adesua Etomi, is a beautiful Nigerian actress. Despite acting her first movie in 2014, The talented actress have grown so famous which have seen her very influential in the movie industry.

Adesuwa Etomi’s Biography

Adesuwa Etomi: Biography, Movies, Wedding, Age & Net-worth ([year]) 1

The Nollywood star was born in Owerri a town in Imo State, on the 22nd of February. According to reports gotten, many cite her birth year as 1988. However, in an interview that was published in January 2016, Adesuwa told Pulse Nigeria she was 29 years old. Furthermore, Answers Africa published a piece of writing in March 2016 stating that she was 30 years old. Her father may be a soldier of Esan descent and her mother is an engineer of Yoruba descent. She is also the youngest of three siblings.

Adesua Etomi Biography
Real Name: Adesua Etomi-Wellington
Date of Birth:    22nd of February 1986 (37 years)
Place of Birth:    Owerri
State of Origin   Edo State
Nationality:         Nigerian
Marital Status:   Married
Occupation:        Model, Actress and Influencer
Net Worth          $1.5 million

Adesuwa went to the Corona School in Victoria Island, Lagos, where she became a member of the drama club at age seven. Thereafter, she went to Queen’s College, Lagos before finally moving to the UK when she was 13 years old. Etomi later secured a diploma in “physical theatre, musical theatre and performing arts” from City College Coventry in 2004. After successful completion of these courses in 2006 with 3 distinctions, she studied drama and performance at the University of Wolverhampton, graduating with first-class honours. In 2014, she starred in her first movie Knocking On Heaven’s Door. The best Actress during a Drama award at the 2016 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards was won by Aduswa for her role in 2015 romantic drama film Falling.

Etomi’s film credits include The Arbitration, the wedding Party, and Falling. Her performance in Falling earned her the 2016 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award for Best Actress during a Drama. Other notable films she has appeared in include A Soldier’s Story (2015), Out of Luck (2015), and few Days (2016). Adesuwa acted Shiela in the fourth and fifth seasons of Shuga, a tv soap opera about HIV/AIDS abstinence. Etomi started featuring as Amaka Obiora, an undercover policeman , in Yemisi Wada’s crime series LasGidi Cops, which debuted in June 2016 on television. She was also featured on Vogue’s list of 14 global superstars.

Adesuwa got engaged to Banky W recently in February 2017. The couples traditional marriage on held on the 19th of November, then followed by the court wedding on the 20th of November and white wedding on 25th of November 2017; the latter ceremony was held in Cape Town , South Africa .

Adesuwa Etomi’s Wedding

Ever since the pair tied the knot, they’ve been an item. , they celebrated the one-year anniversary of their wedding generating thousands of comments recently on social media.

According to an insider who squealed to TS Weekend on grounds of anonymity, the secret behind of their marriage is solely because of the love and understanding they still shower on one another .

“Long before the globe knew it, long before they met on the set of the marriage Party, the pair had been dating albeit secretly. and therefore the attraction was instant.

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There is no gainsaying it, their union is like one made in heaven and also the romance has continued to grow from strength to strength and it’s due to the way they’ve accepted each others flaws and that they have always there one another other.

“Banky W is usually celebrating Adesua on social media and also too does Adesua. they’re never in need of sweet and inspiring words for one other in their careers or personal struggles. it’s not like its been a bed of roses all the way but the innocence and total trust with which they need approached the wedding is one among the main factors that have brought them this far.

“Imagine giving yourself to your partner with all of your vulnerabilities and flaws without holding back, that’s exactly what they need done over this past year. what’s more, they need allowed themselves to be who they really are and grow within the marriage while leaning on one another for support and encouragement.

They both have very busy careers but they always seize any opportunity to be together and catch up on one another . Talking of the way to have an enduring relationship, tons of couples today got to learn a thing or two from them,” the source concluded. The pair tied the knot last year November 26 during a grand ceremony that took all of them the thanks to Dubai.

Adesuwa Etomi Movies

Adesuwa Etomi: Biography, Movies, Wedding, Age & Net-worth ([year]) 2

Adesuwa Etomi has starred in numerous Nollywood films which has seen her influence in the movie industry heavily felt. Here are the movies the young and beautiful actress have starred in;

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List of Adesuwa Etomi Movies

  1. Brave (2014)
  2. Knocking on Heavings Door (2014)
  3. Falling (2015)
  4. A Soldier’s Story (2015)
  5. Out of Luck (2015)
  6. Couples of Days (2016)
  7. The Arbitration (2016)
  8. Something wicked (2016)
  9. The Wedding Party (2016)
  10. Ayamma: Music in The Desert (2016)
  11. 10days In Sun City (2017)
  12. The Wedding Party 2 (2017)
  13. Date Night(2018)
  14. King of Boys part 1 (2018)
  15. Memoirs of 4 (2018)
  16. Up North (2018)
  17. Muna (2019)
  18. Malika (2019)
  19. King of Boys (2021)
  20. How Old is Adesuwa Etomi?

Adesuwa Etomi was born on the 22nd of February 1986. The Nollywood star is currently 37 years old. She celebrated widely with family, friends colleagues and fans nationwide.

Linda Ejiofor and Adesua Etomi

Since 2021, they have gotten married to the loves of their lives and have grown apart.

Adesuwa Etomi’s Net-worth –  N155,000,000

The Nigerian actress is one of the most influential in Nigeria with an estimated Net-worth of about N155,000,000 naira and with a number of exceptional eye catching movies that have received enormous sales.

Adesuwa Etomi is one of the few Nigerian actresses that have left her foot print already in the Nigerian film industry, considering how influential she has been in recent years. Having said all of these, Adesuwa Etomi’s personal life, career and so many other achievements in the past has made her so famous that he his widely known both in Nigeria and Africa.

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