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List of Project Topics For Computer Science Students

Computer science as both a professional and academic field is fast evolving as technology keeps growing at an unprecedented pace. New frontiers of technology of which computing is at core, are springing up daily, automation is creeping into everyday life. Robotics, Augmented and virtual reality, big data analytics, artificial intelligence etc. are the new buzzwords we are getting used to.

These realities are fast catching up with computer science as an academic field, and as a result, a list of best project topics for computer science students cannot be in short supply. There must be some aspects of modern tech that will catch a student’s fancy enough to pursue for academic research. However, care must be taken to avoid overly complex topics that will get the student stuck halfway into the projects.

Below are sample topics that a student can select from for undergraduate or even post-graduate project topic, separated into different categories, from previous existing subjects to new and evolving subjects.

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List of Best Project Topics For Computer Science Students

Research and Theoretical Related Project Topics

These are project topics that are largely research based and will involve lots of writing, extensive and thorough literature review as well as other research methodologies.

Sample topics include:

  • Cloud Computing Implementation in Nigeria: The Prospects and Challenges.
  • The Impact of Effective ICT Implementation in Efficient Delivery of Governance in Nigeria.
  • The Role and Impact of Management Information System in Retail Service Delivery.
  • The Impact of Electronic Voting on Electoral Malpractices: A case of Nigeria General Elections.
  • The Effects and Impacts of Knowledge Management On Corporate Organizational Performance.
  • The Impact and Influence of Internet and Smart-devices on Students’ Reading Culture.
  • The Effects and Impacts of GSM on the Quality of Service Delivery of MSMEs in Nigeria.
  • Data Mining Techniques of Data Companies in Nigeria: A Case Study of the Telecoms Industry.
  • Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security in Nigerian Telecommunication Industry: Identified Gaps, Issues and Solutions
  • Marketing Nigerian Made Computer Software and Smart Devices: The Prospects and Challenges.
  • Unified National Database System: Making a Case for a Nigeria Federal Government
  • Evaluation and Comparative Study of the Connection between Electronic Banking and Cyber Crime in Nigeria
  • Critical Analysis of the Impact of Virtual and Digital Classrooms on Students’ Learning Patterns.
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Development Related Project Topics– Software, Mobile Apps etc. [Programming and Coding Intensive]

Programming related projects are often the most popular among the project topics most suitable for computer science students, primarily because the field is a technologically-inclined one. Developments of software, mobile or desktop applications etc.

See below a suggest list you can choose from:

  • Design and Implementation of a Certificate Verification System for a Corporate Organization
  • Design and Implementation of a GPS and Geo-Location Device for an Oil and Gas Firm
  • Design and Implementation of an Electronic Invoicing System for a Mega Mall
  • Design and Implementation of an Online Opinion and Public Perception Polling System
  • Design and Implementation of a Cooperative Thrift and Credit Society System
  • Design and Implementation of Data Collation, Sorting and Analysis for an Election Management Agency
  • Design and Implementation of a Crop Performance Monitoring System with Automatic SMS Notification System [for farmers]
  • Design and Implementation of Automatic Wi-Fi Detection Application
  • Design and Implementation of an Online Clearance System for Graduating Students
  • Design and Implementation of Web based Customer Chat-box for Online Businesses
  • Design and Implementation of Computerized Budget Analysis System for a Finance Department
  • Design and Implementation of an Online Birth Rate Monitoring Information System
  • Design and Implementation of a Software for Automobile Insurance Scheme in Nigeria
  • Design and Implementation of Cloud-based Local Bus Ticketing System
  • Design and Implementation of an Online Bookstore Management System
  • Design and Implementation of Food Ordering and Management System – for Restaurants [Mobile App]
  • Design and Implementation of Android-based Toll Payment System
  • Design and Implementation of Android-based Vehicle Tracking System
  • Design and Implementation of an Online Loan Application and Verification System
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List of Project Topics For Computer Science Students 1

Contemporary and Latest Tech Related Project Topics

  • Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century: Applications and Benefits to Human Life
  • The Impact of Big Data Analytics on Social Development in Third World Countries
  • The Role and Impact of a Tech Ecosystem in Local Technology Growth
  • The use of Data Science in Understanding Consumer Behavioural Pattern (A Case Study for Corporate Organizations)
  • The Effect of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and Its Impact on Corporate Data Collection
  • The Study and Analysis of Robotics and Its Future Impact on Human Relationships
  • Exploration and Study of Cloud Storage in Relations to Data Safety, Integrity and Access
  • Internet of Things Weather Reporting System
  • Design and Implementation of Automated Biometrics Attendance System for Colleges
  • Explorative Study of the Use of Big Data in Solving Nigeria’s Energy Challenges
  • Design and Implementation of Stock Market Analysis and Prediction System using Artificial Intelligence
  • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Developing Intelligent Systems
  • Design and Implementation of Voice Detection System

Tips to Delivering a Standard CSC Project

Doing a computer science project unlike many other fields involve a little more than just a writing and research skills, it is a field with lots of practical applications, and as such, you’ll need to have some basic understanding before starting out on your project. Below are some skills and background knowledge to have:

Programming and Coding Skills:

This is the core of the field of computing, about 70% of projects in computer science will involve development of software, applications, intelligent systems etc. Therefore, a strong coding/programming skill is a necessary requirement.

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Theories and case studies

It is important to note which category your research will fall into. Case studies are quite popular research focus, and most often, you’ll be required to do an extensive study on the subject of focus and if you’re proscribing a solution, it should be that clearly addresses the research question.

Research and Advanced Search Skills

This is a basic skill for any research project that cuts across every academic or professional field. You’ll need to hone your search, filtering and evaluation skills – how to dig deeper beyond the surface. Chances are the information you’ll get on the surface are readily available to anyone, so for your work to stand out, be ready to search thoroughly.


A plagiarized work will fly nowhere, can get you penalized, and make you lose months of work, efforts and resources committed. There are many plagiarism test tools online that you can run your work through before submitting for approval.

Others to note:

  • Formatting styles – text size, font type etc.
  • Referencing styles


Whichever of the topics you’ll decide to choose from the above list of project topics for computer science students, it should be one that you’re quite comfortable with readily have the resources for which include skills, time and finances.

Hope the above was informative enough? your opinions, and views concerning best project topics that are easier to write and which in turn gives good grades would be much appreciated in our comments section and we shall share with other readers.

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