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DELSU School Fees For Fresh Students (Indigenes & Non-Indigenes) 2023/2024 Session

Delta state University (DELSU) school fees for new students (indigenes and non-indigenes) 2023/2024 academic session has been released by the school management and authority, therefore all prospective students or candidates interested in furthering their education in DELSU are advised to go through the school fees schedule below before.

Please note that there is a review ongoing for increment of DELSU school fees for both fresh and returning students for the current academic session. The new VC has introduced a lot of unnecessary fees and charges which currently has spiked up DELSU school fees for fresh students from 64,500 Naira to N243,000 for indigenes and N273,000 for non indigenes of Delta state. While Medical students are to pay about N285,000 as tuition fee.

The new tuition fee is still being contested by students as there is already a planned protest kicking against the current high tuition fee and demanding it is brought back to status-quo.

The list below itemizes DELSU School fees schedule for all courses offered in DELSU undergraduate students for 2023/2024 academic year.

DELSU School Fees For Fresh Students (Indigenes & Non-Indigenes) [year]/[nyear] Session 1

The fees as seen in the list below includes DELSU current acceptance fee for 2023, school fees  and a host of other fees payable by new students.

Please note that acceptance fee is to be paid first upon admission into DELSU or any university in Nigeria as a proof of acceptance of the provisional admission from JAMB. See below the table for the acceptance fee payment details for indigenes and non-indigenes.

DELSU School and acceptance fees for indigenes is slightly lower than that of non indigenes, we have the break down towards the end of this post.

Late payment would attract extra charges and failure to pay the fees on time could lead to the student’s inability to seat for their semester examination as approved by the management of the institution.

Upon reading of this information, you would be clear about the following;

i) DELSU School fees for new students (Indigenes and non-indigenes) 2023/2024 Academic session

ii) DELSU School Fees for all courses in 100 level (Campus 1, 2 and 3)

iii) DELSU acceptance fee for new students (indigenes and non-indigenes) for 2023/2024 Academic session

Other fees and charges as seen in the table below.

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RECOMMENDED: DELSU Acceptance Fee For Fresh Students 2023/2024 Session

DELSU Acceptance Fee For Indigenes And Non-Indigenes 2023/2024

DELSU acceptance fee is N30,000 for indigenes while non-indigenes are to pay N40,000, this is part of the compulsory fee payable by all newly admitted students of DELSU.

DELSU School Fees Schedule for Fresh Students (Indigenes & Non-indigenes 2023/2024 Academic Session

All fresh/new students are advised to pay their tuition fees for the 2023/2024 academic session early to the designated banks as approved by the school management.

There are two tables below, the first table shows the list of charges that gives the total amount to be paid as tuition fee at DELSU while the other shows the course/departments and the expected tuition fee for indigenes and non indigenes as well as acceptance fee amount for both indigenes and non-indigenes fresh students only.

Please note that the fee below is still applicable to all students pending the latest outcome of the on going review by the new VC and other stakeholders.

DELSU School Fees Schedule

Department/CoursesSchool Fees IndigenesSchool Fees Non IndigenesAcceptance Fee Non IndigenesAcceptance Fee Indigenes
Agricultural Economics and Extension243,000273,00030,00040,000
Animal Science243,000273,00030,00040,000
Animal Science243,000273,00030,00040,000
Animal Genetics and Breeding Technology243,000273,00030,00040,000
Animal Production Management and Welfare243,000273,00030,00040,000
Animal Nutrition and Biochemistry243,000273,00030,00040,000
Animal Physiology, Environment and Behaviour243,000273,00030,00040,000
Department of FisheriesFees In NairaFees In NairaFees In NairaFees In Naira
Fisheries Biology243,000273,00030,00040,000
Fisheries Engineering Aquaculture243,000273,00030,00040,000
Hatchery Management243,000273,00030,00040,000
Fish Pathology243,000273,00030,00040,000
Fishing Gear Technology243,000273,00030,00040,000
Fish Physiology243,000273,00030,00040,000
Fish Nutrition and Biochemistry243,000273,00030,00040,000
Post-Harvest Technology243,000273,00030,00040,000
Fisheries Economics243,000273,00030,00040,000
Fish Genetics243,000273,00030,00040,000
Environmental Ecology and Management.243,000273,00030,00040,000


Department of Forestry and WildlifeFees In NairaFees In NairaFees In NairaFees In Naira
Forestry and Wildlife243,000273,00030,00040,000
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FACULTY OF ARTS (ABRAKA CAMPUS)Fees In NairaFees In NairaFees In NairaFees In Naira
Department English and Literary Studies243,000273,00030,00040,000
English Language243,000273,00030,00040,000
Literature in English243,000273,00030,00040,000
Department of Fine and Applied Arts243,000273,00030,00040,000
Fine and Applied Arts243,000273,00030,00040,000
Art History243,000273,00030,00040,000
Studio Art243,000273,00030,00040,000
Department of HistoryFees In NairaFees In NairaFees In NairaFees In Naira
Department of Languages and LinguisticsFees In NairaFees In NairaFees In NairaFees In Naira
Language and Linguistics Studies243,000273,00030,00040,000
Department of Music Fees in NairaFees in NairaFees in NairaFees in Naira
Department of Religious StudiesFees In NairaFees In NairaFees In NairaFees In Naira
Religious Studies243,000273,00030,00040,000
Department of Theatre ArtsFees in NairaFees in NairaFees in NairaFees in Naira
Theatre Arts243,000273,00030,00040,000


FACULTY OF BASIC MEDICAL SCIENCEFees in NairaFees in NairaFees in NairaFees in Naira
Department of Physiology243,000273,00030,00040,000


FACULTY OF EDUCATION Fees in NairaFees in NairaFees in NairaFees in Naira
Educational Administration243,000273,00030,00040,000
Educational Planning243,000273,00030,00040,000
Higher Education Administration243,000273,00030,00040,000
Curriculum and Instruction243,000273,00030,00040,000
Guidance and Counselling243,000273,00030,00040,000
Measurement and Evaluation243,000273,00030,00040,000
Physical and Health Education243,000273,00030,00040,000
Health Education243,000273,00030,00040,000
Social Studies243,000273,00030,00040,000
Agricultural Education243,000273,00030,00040,000
Home Economics Education243,000273,00030,00040,000
Science Education (Biology, Integrated Science, Mathematics Education and Chemistry Education)243,000273,00030,00040,000
Library and Information Science243,000273,00030,00040,000


FACULTY OF LAW (OLEH CAMPUS)Fees In NairaFees In NairaFees In NairaFees In Naira
Banking and Finance243,000273,00030,00040,000
FACULTY OF SCIENCES (ABRAKA CAMPUS)Fees In NairaFees In NairaFees In NairaFees In Naira
Animal and Environmental Biology243,000273,00030,00040,000
Computer Science243,000273,00030,00040,000
Micro biology243,000273,00030,00040,000
Industrial mathematics243,000273,00030,00040,000
Animal and Environmental Biology (Zoology)64,500273,00030,00040,000
Business Administration243,000273,00030,00040,000
Geography and Regional Planning243,000273,00030,00040,000
Political Science243,000273,00030,00040,000
Mass Communications243,000273,00030,00040,000
FACULTY OF PHARMACY (ABRAKA CAMPUS)Fees In NairaFees In NairaFees In NairaFees In Naira
School Of Medicine243,000273,00030,00040,000
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FACULTY OF ENGINEERINGFees In NairaFees In NairaFees In NairaFees In Naira
Electrical and Electronics Engineering243,000273,00030,00040,000
Chemical Engineering243,000273,00030,00040,000
Civil & Structural Engineering243,000273,00030,00040,000

Hope this information provided was useful? all questions regarding DELSU School fees for freshers, both indigenes and non indigenes of delta state for 2023/2024 academic session should be directed to the comment section below and our team would be on hand to respond as soon as possible.

The latest update on DELSU school fees for new students has been made possible via physical visitation to the school and printed copy of school fees receipt of a fresh student at Delta state university, Abraka.



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