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UNIBEN School Fees For New Students 2017/18 Academic Session

The University of Benin (UNIBEN) school fees for new students 2017/18 academic session has been released by the school authority. There were speculations of a proposed hike in school fees like most schools intended doing but the school authority has assured students and stakeholders that UNIBEN school fees for both new and returning students 2017/18 academic session remains  unchanged for now, therefore all normal school activities should go on unhindered.

Though there was a slight increase in the acceptance fee from 49,000 to 60,000 Naira and this is applicable to fresh students only.

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The table below itemizes UNIBEN School fees schedule, acceptance fee and other charges for 2017/18 academic session for just new students only (Freshers)

Just like most state and Federal universities, the University of Benin (UNIBEN) School fees reduces as students go higher in levels, so students are therefore advised to read through to get all vital information needed in paying their fees on time.

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Late payment would attract extra charges and failure to pay the fees on time would lead to the student inability to seat for their semester examination.

Upon reading of this information, you would be clear about the following;

  1. UNIBEN school fees for 2017/18 Academic session
  2. UNIBEN Acceptance Fee for new students only
  3. Other charges as seen in the table below

UNIBEN School Fees Schedule For 2017/2018 Academic Session

All fresh students are advised to pay their tuition fees for the 2017/2018 academic session early to the designated banks as approved by the school management.


1 BANK/PORTAL CHARGES 5,000.00 5,000.00
2 ADMISSION CLEARANCE 23,000.00 23,000.00
3 ICT LEVY 6,000.00 6,000.00
4 DEVELOPMENT LEVY 15,000.00 15,000.00
5 MTN NET LIBRARY 1,000.00 1,000.00
TOTAL 70,000.00 50,000.00
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Therefore, UNIBEN School Fees New students for college of Medicine = 70,000 (School fees) + 60,000 (Acceptance Fee) = 130,000 Naira (Total Fee payable for Freshers)

While UNIBEN School Fees New students in other Faculties = 50,000 (School fees) + 60,000 Acceptance Fee) = 110,000 Naira (Total Fee payable for Freshers)


Please note that Uniben acceptance Fee for new students irrespective of the faculty is 60,000 Naira only and this is to be paid before any other payment is made. Since acceptance fee simply means the student has accepted the provisional admission from JAMB.

Hope you found what you visited this page for? if you have any question as regards UNIBEN School Fees for new students 2017/18 academic session, simply scroll down to the comment section as seen below, send your questions and we shall respond in no time.

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  1. pls when is Uniben resuming for 2017/2018 academic section. Thanks.

    1. Resumption date is yet to be announced

  2. Can someone wit 44 be admitted in uniben

  3. how much is the returning students school fees for 2017/2018 session.

      1. what is the cutoff mark for 2017 direct entry admission?

  4. does uniben accept affidavit

    1. Yes UNIBEN do accept afidavit

  5. How are the returning student to pay faculty of life science

    1. Payment is to be made online or via the designated banks as approved by UNIBEN. While i was a student at UNIBEN the designated banks used to be UBA and Intercontinental Bank and this depends on your faculty but am sure things have changed now.

  6. How much are the returning student to pay faculty of life science

    1. Yes but it wont go beyond next week

  7. How much are the returning students meant to pay for 2017/2018 academic session faculty of life science

    1. UNIBEN school fees for returning students under faculty of life sciences is 14,400 Naira only. Any other question?

  8. Please can i be admitted with 64 aggregate into Med Lab?

    1. You stand a chance. Though not on the merit list. Good luck

  9. Can a student from another university transfer to uniben? if yes plz what are the requirements

  10. How much do Regular student on faculty of education paid as the school fees?

    1. UNIBEN regular students for faculty of Education pay 12,400 Naira

    2. Do uniben offer business education as a course?

      1. Yes. It is under Faculty of Education

  11. pls i want to cross frm offa poly after my ND programme is it possible

  12. Is the acceptance fee different from the payment listed above? I want to know please.

    1. UNIBEN Acceptance Fee is 49,000 Naira, Uniben School Fees is 50,000 Naira. Total Fees payable by new student is 99,000 Niara

    2. no madam,you can also call the registere(08168272433) to confirm payment yourself

  13. Oladiran Jamiu Adewole

    As fresher the school fee + acceptance fees is 99000 as an engineering student how much will I pay as returning student? I study metallurgical and material engineering at kwara state polytechnic Ilorin now I discovery uniben didn’t have the course but production engineering which I didn’t what so can I be admitted to study mechanical engineering at uniben

    1. Returning students pay 14,400 but you are not a returning student in this case

  14. How much is uniben school fees for new students for 2017/2018 ?

    1. UNIBEN School Fees for New students is clearly stated, am sure you did not go through the information provided. 50,000 for school fees, 49,000 for acceptance fee which makes it 99,000 Naira

  15. How much is business admin paying 4 freshers? And my aggregate score is 50 will i be given admission

  16. I mean Anatomy and nursing school fees

    1. Anatomy and nursing school fees for new students in UNIBEN you mean?

      1. Yes and after the first year

  17. Please what is the cutoff mark for direct entry student,willing to study law?

  18. is uniben accept two sitting for Law? if yes what is the subject requirement to study Law In uniben. tganjsy

  19. i have 7 credit in wace and i have maths E8 and chemistry D7 and i want to apply for industrial chemistry or can i use direct entry

    1. Your result can’t take you through even via DE

      1. but can I combine the two together wace and neco to gain admission

        1. Sure. UNIBEN accepts combination of both WAEC and NECO but they must not be more than 2 years apart

          1. will they accept neco result 2017 and wace 2016


    1. Very soon. We’ll notify you when it comes out

  21. Is there hope for somebody with 44% aggregate to study civil engineering in uniben?

  22. where can I get details of different fees charged for the fresh medical students. eg acceptance, tuition etc?
    can anyone just share the details here pls

  23. and what is the cut off date to pay.
    can the university give an extension or grace period?

    1. They do but it comes with extra charge

  24. I got 56% do i hav a chance for accounting.and i made a mistake while registrating for my post utme in my date of birth wil it affect my admission?

    1. 56% for Accounting in UNIBEN is not good enough. As for your date of birth, you might be required to swear an affidavit to correct the mistake.

  25. Hi Schoolings, can you assist me with some info, you seem to be very active on UNIBEN school matters. 🙂 plssss .

  26. Please I got 51 aggregate for uniben microbiology will it be possible for admission

    1. Not good enough but be hopeful

  27. Please@schooling whats ur whatsapp number…I.want to chat u up.more via whatsapp

    1. you can reach us via email on our contact page. Check the homepage

  28. Please d aggregate is over 80 ryt??
    Is admission list out yet??

    1. UNIBEN admission list is not out yet.

  29. Pls I scored 63% for aggregate score and am going for law and the cut off mark says I need 74% is there any hope of admission or will they give me another course to study

    1. Most likely another course, but you are still hopeful for LAW in UNIBEN

      1. wen should we expect the first batch list

        1. As soon as it is out, we shall let you know

  30. Please what’s the cut off mark for direct entry students for this year.Thanks

  31. How much is Uneben school fees for law student

    1. UNIBEN School fees for law is already in the information provided

  32. Pls is there hope for a 48% aggregate in civil engr or an opportunity for another course.

    1. Not possible for Civil Engineering

  33. Please I heard about an increment in the school fees, how true??

    1. False. Nothing like that for now

      1. Please, what about now? Has there been any increment for new students and how much

        1. Acceptance fee has been increased from 49,000 to 60,000 Naira

  34. pls when is the admission list for Jupeb students who wrote the jupeb 2017 final exams coming out

  35. pls when will uniben pre degree form be out

    1. We shall let you know when it is. Subscribe to this blog to get an email notification when we post it on our blog

  36. Pls someone who jamb offered admission can it be turned down by uniben? The candidate has already accepted the offer.

    1. Not possible. Except you fail to meet up with the UNIBEN’s admission requirements so it would mean automatic forfeiture of your admission

  37. the first batch admission list is out but I can’t access my portal cos it says its on maintenance mode and I can’t login

    1. It is overloaded most probably because a whole lot of candidates are checking their admission status so it is expected

  38. when will the payment of acceptance fee commence

    1. UNIBEN Acceptance fee ought to be paid before the school fees. In fact it is the first payment to be made by all newly admitted students.

  39. i mean is there a specific date for it

  40. plss……when will payment of acceptance fee commence

    1. As soon as the portal is open for payment. Also you could do so via the bank

  41. How much Is used to do affidavit for good conduct,non membership of secret court and jamb admission letter

    1. Go where photocopying and typing is done close to your faculty, There are people who do it for freshers. Or you could do it at Federal high court. Each costs about 1500 to 2000 naira each

  42. Is acceptance fee paid before clearance fee and how much for clearance

    1. Yes acceptance fee is the first fee paid before any other fee

  43. Please you have refused to answer my question about direct entry student cuttoff mark.

  44. when is Uniben DE admission list coming out and are we paying acceptance fee

    1. Soon. And yes you will pay the acceptance fee

  45. Can we start paying d fees

  46. I had 4.50 in diploma in law from oou and wanted to do D.E to Uniben law next year what’s my chances

    1. Very good chance. Good luck

  47. how does someone go about paying for hostel fee

    1. Hostel fee would be paid through the bank upon registration online. Then youbr to take your receipt or slip to the hostel awarded to you to do physical registration.

  48. Ogene Samuel Eshologie

    what is the school fees break down for UNIBEN for New students and accommodation?
    Is the school fees amongst the acceptance fees?

    I really need to know

  49. please how are we to know when portal for payment of acceptance and school fees is open

    1. You need to keep trying it daily. That’s the best way to find out

  50. pls when can we start paying uniben acceptance fee for the year 2017/18

    1. As soon as your name comes out and registration starts then you can start paying acceptance fee. I ll confirm from friends in the admission office if you can start payment of acceptance fee on Monday

  51. the calculation of my aggregate score is 50. please is there any hope of gaining admission into Uniben

  52. wld uniben accept this o’level for edu&econs. maths-c6, eng-c6, govt-b2, econs-c5, civic edu.-b3

  53. wld uniben accept this o’level result for edu and econs. Maths-c6, eng c6, econs c5, govt b2, civic b3

  54. Pls will acceptance fee payment start

  55. can i pay UNIBEN acceptance fee online

  56. can I upload my statement of result during my online clearance I wrote waec in 2013

    Elect Elect Engr new admitted chat me up on whatsapp with 08174911202

  57. acceptance is now 60k
    will the school fees also increase?

    which document is evidence of name?

    which reg number should I put in my affidavit is it jamb reg number?

    I wrote jamb in 2013 will they allow statement of result

    1. Yes statement of result is accepted. It is JAMB registration number you should put on your afidavit. School fees has not been increased yet.

  58. What is the deadline for the acceptance fee

  59. was the cult renunciation committee was it recently setup
    and was it by a pro chancellor and covering chairman

    I saw it in an affidavit of non member of secret cult dated 2014

    saying am aware of the committee recently setup by pro chancellor is it adviceable

    1. It has been there even way before i got admitted into UNIBEN in 2003

  60. Can we start paying acceptance fee

    1. As soon as registration starts, you can start paying

  61. pls i got 60% mass comm
    will i still b given d course?

  62. If i wrote my waec this year,should i still use statement of result

  63. Will the school fee and acceptance fee be increase? Because i saw it on net that school feel 60,000 and acceptance fee 70,000 is true?

    1. No. Its just acceptance fee for now.. school fees is yet to be increased

  64. Please i do want to know more about some important stuffs here…am into computer science and i really want to study right here in Uniben first i want to know how much it cost for an hostel?

    please this is urgent and i will be glad if you get back to me asp


  66. which document is EVIDENCE OF NAME

    jamb admission letter is not ready yet what should we upload in the space for it

    or should we wait until it is ready

    I want to thank you schooling for ur help so far I couldn’t have gone this far without ur help

    1. You are welcome. You have to wait until it is ready. When it is ready, you will be informed by your class governor to go pick it up individually.

  67. so we should submit the online clearance form without jamb admission letter

    and please what of the EVIDENCE OF NAME

  68. when is the school resuming officially for the session? when is payment going to commence? What is the real actual cost of Acceptance fee. We see 60K but yo say 49k. which do we believe?

    1. Then you probably did not read the post before making a statement in the comment section.

  69. I really need your help,please.

    do I need to submit or use my sworn affidavit and other stuffs for payment of acceptance fee?


      1. is d 2nd batch list out?
        bcos mine is still showing submitted and I got 60% agg mass comm
        pls help me

      2. is d 2nd batch out? mine is still showing submitted and i got 60% agg in mass comm
        pls help me

        1. Not Yet. Just 1st batch admission list. 2nd Batch would be out very soon. Keep visiting this site and subscribe to our blog to get an email alert as to when it comes out so as to be the first to know

  70. Plz sir,where can I find the portal for acceptance fee payment..

  71. plus,can I get another scratch card to submit along my other stuffs if I’ve misplaced the other?
    and what is this statement of waec from school I’ve got to submit too?,I’m confused.

    awaiting your response, thanks.
    and thanks for creating this active awesome blog too.

    1. Yes you can. If you do not have your WAEC Certificate, you could make do with your statement of result. It is part of the documents needed for internal screening by the university. Thanks for the complement.

  72. When will be the final date for the payment? I mean for freshers

  73. Pls, what’s the deadline for the payment of the acceptance fee?

    1. Dead line has not been fixed yet

  74. Pls, wat abt 2017/2018 postgraduate admission list??? Is it out too??? For uniben. Tanks

    1. UNIBEN Postgraduate admission list 2017/18 is not out yet.

  75. please
    has uniben registeration commence and when is the resumption date for freshers.

  76. when is the deadline payment for acceptance fees?

  77. please there is a confusion on the initial school fees for freshers, on the fresher letter of addmission initial fees was 73,400.00, while inthe general portal is 50,000.00 which of the two is authentic. tanks

    1. pls there is a confusion inthe initial school fees for fresher, onthe fresher letter of addmission initial fees was 73,400.00 while inthe general portal is 50,000.00 which of the two is authentic

  78. when is uniben commencing payment of acceptance fee and which account do I pay it to?

  79. okay dir, its noted, while I wait for an answer.

  80. Vincent Osjioke Jimoh

    having be given admission
    n into uniben, when is the deadline for payment of acceptance fee.

  81. Can I post general form of affidavit consisting of both good conduct and non member of secret cult for each one like posting the Same document for good conduct and non member of secret cult

    1. They have to be two different afidavits, duly signed and stamped

  82. What is the subject 4 law student and hw much is the school fees

  83. Pls schooling, I have paid for jamb admission letter yet I cannot print it out and without it, I can’t submit my clearance. What will you advise?

    1. How come you cannot print it out? Explain better

  84. It appears the admission letter is not ready yet

  85. It continues to show me that no data found for this registration number. Some of my friends have complained about same thing too

    1. It will be sorted out. It is definitely an error. Things like this are bound to happen considering the thousand of candidates information being dealt with

  86. I have been given admission by uniben as well as CAPS. Yet this issue persists

  87. I checked my portal but I didn’t see how to pay for the acceptance fee…..And when is it closing

    1. Not closing anytime soon. Be patient

  88. Has clearance started for new students and when are new students resuming?has acceptance fee payment commenced?

      1. How do i pay??
        i av been trying to get info on where and how to pay my acceptance fee…i haven’t found any….pls how would i pay d acceptance fee for uniben??

  89. my aggregate is 55% for banking and finance… i have a better chance of getting accepted cause my portal is still showing ‘submitted’ and my caps is still ‘not admitted’..??

    1. 55% for Banking and Finance in UNIBEN is actually not good enough. UNIBEN is highly competitive

  90. Can I use my certificate of origin for the local government of origin…I really want to know pls

  91. Pls i need information on how to pay my acceptance fee, if am to pay via bank which bank nd d acc number pls nd if am to pay online pls give me details on how to do it…………… Thank u

  92. Pls i want to find out abt how to pay my acceptance fee, if it is via bank,pls tell me d bank name nd d acc number nd if it is online pls give me d details on how to go abt it, thank u

      1. please do I stand a chance for medical lab. science with 50%. my portal is showing “submitted” and caps is saying “not admitted”

  93. When will the protest in Uniben be called off and when will physical clearance start

  94. How much for hostels in Uniben and how much for lounge

  95. pls I ve 60 as aggregate for international studies bt i ve not been admitted, with that mark should i be expecting second list?

  96. What is cutoff mark for law

  97. hello schoolings,i also need info on how to pay my acceptance fee…should it be done online,if so,how??
    or in d bank,if so,what is d acct no,acct name and which bank??

  98. pls wat about second list, is it out or yet to be out?

  99. Can we still pay our acceptance fee now that school has been shut down pls ,i don’t really know

    1. Even if you pay, you will have to hold on until resumption date.

  100. pls would there be any correction during registeration

  101. pls would there be any correction form during registration,to correct errors like name,date of birth etc….

    1. That is why they say you should be very careful in filling your biodata to avoid issues like this. You can’t correct it by yourself

  102. please can I get the number of the admin office…….please

  103. please when is the deadline for payment of the acceptance fee?

    1. 2 weeks after seeing your name on the admission list

  104. Please when is the deadline for the payment of the acceptance fee?

  105. how can i pay my acceptance fee?

  106. pls hw much is pharmacy payin and wat is the cut of mark for it

  107. It seems this blog is well in tuned with latest information on UNIBEN. I want to get informed too because i want my daughter to study there.

  108. Please, can someone still get admission into UNIBEN predegree

    1. Yes but not at the moment. It was on sale around late/early September 2017. It costs 10,250 naira.

  109. do uniben has accounting education as a course

    1. Yes. Under faculty of education

  110. How much is part time school fees.
    And when are we writing d entrance exam.
    And how are we to know,if they have started writing d exam.

  111. I score 45 I to study political science, would there be any chance of admitted or they would consider me another course

  112. When is the deadline for the Acceptance Charge

  113. How much is uniben predregree school fees

  114. schoolings I really appreciate your time in attending to newbies like me.
    please if I have been admitted on jamb caps but is yet to reflect on kofa,can I go ahead to print my admission letter and maybe pay acceptance fee?

    1. Sorry you can’t. You need to confirm your name on the school’s admission list before printing out or paying acceptance fee

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