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IMSU Courses And Their Cut-off Marks (2017)

Aside passing your UTME cut off mark of 200 for Federal universities and 180 for most state universities, another hurdle is being able to pass the cut off mark set by various departments in the respective universities.

Here we are focusing our radar on IMSU courses and their cut off marks for 2017; we have arranged the courses offered in IMSU based on the departments they fall under. though this does not come without meeting their requirements for admission. IMSU cut off mark is 180 being a state university.

At the end of this post, you should be able to get the cut off marks for the following departments/faculties; IMSU cut off mark for Engineering, Mass Communication, Accounting and others as seen below

IMSU Admission Requirements For All Courses

1. You’ll required to have a minimum Credit passes in Five (5) subjects including:
English Language.
You must have this result from any of the following examinations:
GCE O’Level,
Or any other equivalent examinations.

2. You must have at least, a 180 UTME Score, which is required for admission into IMSU for all courses. This is the official JAMB Cut Off Mark for IMSU.

3. All applying candidates should also be aware, that they MUST have make the Imo State University (imsu) their 1st and/or Second choice to qualify to write the Post-UTME Screening Test.

IMSU Courses And Their Cut-off Marks 2017


  1. Economics – 233
    2. Mass Communication – 237
    3. Geography and Environmental Management – 188
    4. Political Science – 240
    5. Psychology – 214


  1. Accountancy – 236
    2. Banking &Finance – 229
    3. Insurance – 192
    4. Management – 220
    5. Marketing – 215


  1. Agric Econs & Ext – 182
    2. Animal Sci &Fisheries – 181
    3. Crop Sci & biotech – 183
    4. Soil Sci &biotech – 198


  1. Edu. Admin – 190
    2. Edu. Foundation – 182
    3. Edu Accounting -182
    4. Edu. Economics – 208
    5. Edu. Fine & applied arts – 194
    6. Edu. Geo-phy – 186
    7. Edu. Mathematics – 186
    8. Edu. Psychology – 193
    9. Guidance &Councelling – 182
    10. Lib. & info science – 206


  1. Architecture – 220
    2. Building – 190
    3. Surveying & Geoinformatics – 180
    4. Fine & applied arts – 184
    5. Land surveying – 192
    6. Quantity surveying – 191
    7. Urban and Regional planning – 187


  1. Optometry – 249
  2. Medical Laboratory Science – 200
  3. Biochemistry – 230
  4. Nursing Science – 205
  5. Nutrition and Dietetics – 202


  1. History & int’l studies – 220
    2. Igbo & linguistics – 188
    3. Philosophy – 188
    4. Religious studies – 180


  1. Botany – 189
    2. Biochemistry – 230
    3. Chemistry / Ind. Chemistry – 207
    4. Computer science -238
    5. Ind. Physics – 191
    6. Mathematics & Ind. Mathematics – 187
    7. Microbiology / Ind. Microbiology – 245
    8. Physics – 192
    9. Statistics – 182
    10. Zoology – 257


  1. Agric Engineering – 180
    2. Civil Engineering – 220
    3. E. E engineering – 229
    4. Food science Tech – 200
    5. Mechanical Engineering – 221

Do you have any question(s) regarding IMSU cut off mark for all courses? simply scroll to the comment section below and shall respond to all questions in not time.

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  1. onyewueze frances chidinma

    Pls what’s the cut off mark for human anatomy

    1. As for IMSU Cut off mark for Human Anatomy, you are required to score over 220 and above to be eligible.

  2. Onyewueze Frances Chidinma

    pls…what if I passed the jambs cutoff mark for imsu which is 180
    but didn’t reach the course cut off mark am to study…is there still. hope for to study that course or will I have to go for another course..

    1. Sorry You will have to go for another course.

  3. What is the cut off mark for law

    1. Cut off mark for Law In ANSU is 220 and above

  4. pls help me..I had more Dan 200 in jamb nd want to study accounting.. being an indigen can I make it

    1. Sure you can. Indigenes are given preferences in state schools. How was your WAEC result? Just make sure you perform well on your post utme/internal screening.


    1. Simply do a change of course. Follow this link to see steps on how to change your course or institution Best of luck

  6. cut off mark for nursing

    1. Im not certain if Nursing is offered in IMSU. I will do my findings and get back to you. Regards

  7. Please I scored 188 in my jamb and I choose economics and I also passed my jamb very well please can I get the course

  8. Hell… I got 197 in jamb score and want to study English and Literature under the faculty of Arts and Humanities, can I still make it?

    1. Yes you are on track. Goodluck Bro

  9. Cut off mark for law imsu

    1. IMSU cut off mark for Law is 220 and above

      1. please i didn’t see med. lab. as one of the courses included under health science faculty while filling the imsu utme form online….what I’m seeing is only OPT and NTD under health science faculty…..please I’m so confused about this, what I’m i gonna do??

  10. Pls I scored 141 in JAMB for political science in IMSU am an indigene what do I due to get addmision.

    1. Sorry you cannot gain admission with 141 despite being an indigene

  11. please what is the cutoff mark for nursing

  12. Pls I scored 185 in jamb for public administration in imsu, will I get the course

    1. Definitely you are supposed to gain admission into IMSU. Just make sure you get a good score in your post UTME Admission screening exercise

  13. Pls do imsu accept second choice

  14. Pls is second choice candidates accepted in imsu

    1. We are not too sure about that. Can anyone in the house assist with this information please??

  15. Pls is medical lab accepted in imsu nd wat is the cutoff mark

    1. Hello Fafa, Medical Lab Science is among the courses offered in IMSU. It is under the faculty of Health Sciences

  16. Pls I scored 203 in jamb and wanna study Government and public administration, Pls I have chance?

  17. Pls I scored 203 in jamb and wanna study Government and public administration, hope I have chance to gain admission?

    1. Yes Victor. You stand a chance.

  18. plss my brother scored 150in jamb and he is applying for Mechanical engineering should he go ahead and buy your registration form with the Current FG Announcement of 120 as jamb score for states schools

    1. Most Universities, be it public nor private, are not accepting the new cut off mark. IMSU cut off mark is not 120. But if he scores above IMSU cut off mark then your brother is equally eligible to purchase their post UTME form and sit for the test.

  19. Pls My Friend scored 203 in jamb and wanna study Political Science in IMSU, hope he have chance to gain admission?

    1. Yes Vic. Your friend still has a chance of studying Pol Science at IMSU

  20. Pls I score 190 and I want to study Mass communication do u think it possible for me or the school will give me another course

    1. It is possible if you get a good score in your post utme

  21. Pls my friend scored 176 in jamb and wants to study accounting in imsu can she pick the form

    1. Did your friend meet IMSU cut off mark? if she did then she can go ahead

  22. please i didn’t see medicine and surgery as one of
    the courses included under health
    science faculty while filling the imsu
    utme form online….what I’m seeing is
    only OPT and NTD under health science
    faculty…..please I’m so confused about
    this, what I’m i gonna do??

    1. If you did not see Medicine and Surgery on the list of courses then i believe their college of medicine is not accepting students for this academic session. it is left to you to select the available courses or hold on for the next UTME

  23. sir pls answer the above question I’m in need of wat 2 do b4 the portal 4 registration closes on monday

  24. when is imsu taking their post utme exam

    1. Have you registered? IMSU post UTME closing date is tomorrow, i hope you are aware?

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