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Cost of Living In Canada For International Students: Monthly Expenses

The cost of living in Canada for international students cannot be overemphasized, to properly plan your studies in Canada as an international student, it is essential to know your budget plan and know how much you spend.

Judging from the high influx of people into Canada especially Nigerian students, it has become increasingly necessary to educate students with such ambition.

Cost of Living expenses in Canada vary according to each person because it depends on your buying habits and interests. The expenses of a student who likes to have fun out constantly is definitely going to be higher than the students who prefers to take a more relaxed life most especially for international students.

It is best to take a package of study including host family accommodation (homestay). You will not have to spend on food in the house and have almost everything needed to live.

Overall, excluding the cost of hosting and depending on your buying habits,  cost of living in Canada for international students is estimated to fall withing the range of 250 to 500 Canadian dollars a month.

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We at have done proper verification most especially from a large number of Nigerian students schooling in Canada and we have broken the cost of living for international students per month. see below for the break down.

Cost of Living in Canada For International Students

To help you calculate as need money while studying in Canada, we present a list of common expenses:

Item / Service *Estimated cost
Accommodation in a family house with food $ 750 – $ 900
Coca tin $ 1.25
500 ml water bottle $ 1.25
Starbucks Cafe medium $ 2.5
Combo at McDonald’s $ 6 – $ 10
Breakfast at Tim Hortons / Subway $ 3 – $ 4
Lunch at Tim Hortons / Subway / fast food $ 5 – $ 8
Lunch at restaurant $ 10 – $ 18
Dinner at restaurant $ 15 – $ 25
Snacks (potato family bag) $ 4
Cinema $ 13
Monthly public transport pass $ 91 – $ 128
Entrance to museums $ 12 – $ 25
Beer bar $ 4.5 – $ 7
Cover in nightclub $ 8 – $ 20
Haircuts men From $ 20
Haircuts women From $ 25
Liquid hand soap $ 3.5 – $ 5
Toothpaste $ 2 – $ 4
Deodorant $ 3.5 – $ 6
Shampoo $ 6 – $ 10
Toothbrush $ 3 – $ 5
Membership in public libraries $ 0
Journals $ 8 – $ 20
books From $ 12
Notepad (notebook) $ 2 – $ 7
Pen (pack of 3) $ 1.5
Medical consultation $ 100
Box aspirins $ 6
monthly cell plan From $ 30
Plan monthly cable TV From $ 25
Monthly high speed internet plan From $ 35
Calling card long distance (300 min.) $ 5
Day tours to visit nearby places $ 45 – $ 100
Tours of 3 or 4 days to visit other nearby cities $ 250 – $ 450
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With the above, simply broken down, the average Nigerian student with the ambition of going abroad to study can confidently plan his or her budget knowing fully well the cost of living abroad for international students in Canada at his or her finger tips.

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